2013, new year!

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Thanks to the no internet and crazy mobile internet, could not talk to friends and family today.

I extend my warmest wishes to everyone, family, friends.. Lets be more responsible and more happy in 2013. May this new year bring in all things you’ve been waiting for.

God speed and god bless all of us.

(especially after a not so good 2012)

A new decade

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January 1, 2011 starts a new decade in our lives. Looking back to my past life, the start of every decade has been important in shaping my “the-then-future”. Or I could just say that the start and end of each decade, I have lived till now has had an important touch in my life.

While in the start of 1990s, I was gearing up to start my schooling, in the start of 2000, the new decade and the new millennium, I left my hometown to start a more career oriented life starting my class 11th and 12th study. This past decade was the most important for sure in my life… I got an engineering degree, a good job, a good wife… 🙂

With the start of another decade, hope the good things keep coming and lets see what it has in store for me!