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Due to some negligence, I lost all the data on my wordpress blog while trying to migrate from my old server to Amazon EC2.

Right now, the original content of my blog is resurrecting from its ashes.

Just like “Phoenix”!

(and coming soon, a part 2 of this post! [update: well, hopefully, by Dec 31, 2015 or latest, by Jan 2016])

[Sep 8, 2312hrs] Update: So, finally, after a bunch of tasks**, I successfully imported all my posts from a local copy of my blog. And they are visible again. Although, I do not know why, I see one post missing!


** Tasks:

  • extracted old backup of blog from archives to “blog.aseemshakuntal.co.in”
  • installed mysql database on my server
  • created a database for my blog
  • imported old-blog.sql
  • NO LUCK STILL, posts show only on first page and old posts return 404
  • Google, google, google
  • Finally, found mod_rewrite as the culprit
  • Enabled mod_rewrite, NO LUCK STILL
  • Updated apache’s sites-avaialble/default configuration to “AllowOverRide all”
  • Links start to work, but pictures are not shown still.. brrr
  • Manually edited all posts with uploading pictures again!

It works now! Das is gut! Sehr gut!

Change of plans

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Sorry for the noise, but there has been some change of plans related to my stay at Nokia. While already resigned from the company, accepted the severance package and ready to become an ex-Nokian, I got an offer from Nokia Berlin on Wednesday, 29th September and I decided to stay back for a number of reasons agreed between both, me and Nimika.

I was a bit sad to leave another opportunity that I had at RIM, Sweden.

Now I have made a choice and its all mine.

Hello world 2

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My website suffered some kind of attack recently, because of which, a lot of spam mails were being generated from my account. I had to henceforth, delete all my data and start from scratch.

I will try my best to restore all the data (blog-posts) to this “new blog”

God speed and god bless!


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We moved to a new apartment a week ago. It was quite difficult to live at the old apartment.

“Was he the one who burnt my car?”

This was a common question that used to come to my mind whenever I saw someone in my apartment. This left no mental peace at all.

I also took a loan from bank, took another car, which seemed to be required now. The day I was returning back after purchasing new car, while parking the car, I noticed that a person who lives in the apartment in front of ours, was staring very bad at us for about 30-40 seconds. I immediately felt as if he might have burnt my car and is now thinking, oh, he has another car now! Quite an irony that when I had put notices in my apartment about the incident, somebody tore them instantly. The same person was selling some potatoes last week and put a notice at the same place I did. His notice was intact for about more than a week.

Well, I no more live at that place, but I am left with a few un-answered questions.

Why did Mr. ‘HIM’ keep staring at us when we came back taking another car?

Mr. ‘HIM’ lives just in front of our house, so, he might be the first person to notice the keys, outside the apartment.

Why was there a different behavior to our notice and not to Mr. ‘HIM”s notice? Was he the one who tore my notices?

Well, I am not trying to point my fingures to Mr. ‘HIM’, but I do have some unanswered questions and tye answers to which might either prove him guilty or innocent!

Hum Bachche

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हम बच्चे कुछ पाते ही इठलाते हैं
पर नहीं सोचते, क्या खोकर कुछ पाते हैं।

ईक घर पाया, वाहन पाऐ, घर बैठे सारा जग पाया
चाँद, सितारे, मंगल तक को छूने का सपना पाया।

क्या गरमी, क्या सर्दी, सब डब्बों में बंद
सौ योजन दूर दुश्मन के सपने मिनटों कुंद।

ईक जननी है जो जनती है, ईक जननी है जो भरती है
जितना पहले को पाया है, उतने दूजे को खोया है।

शोषन की आखिर सीमा है
वो देखो आग ऊगलती है
सीना तेज धड़कता है
रोम-कूप सब बंद हो गए

क्या देती थी, क्या देना है
अब तो उसे सिर्फ लेना है।

Bought another car today, same make, same model, red in color!

Time machine

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I wish I had a time machine or at least some magical power to undo things. I would have gone back in bursts to March 9th and March 26, 2012. And in both the cases, trying to undo what happened.

भगवान के आगे किसी की नहीं चलती है, पर शायद एक कोशिश तो कर ही सकते हैं। कौन कहता है कि आसमान बहुत ऊँचा है? एक पत्थर तो दम से फेंक कर देखो यारो।

Also, heard from the insurance people today. They are not going to cover the damage happened to my car.

This is what happened:

ONY-226, my old car, resting in peace!

ONY-226, my old car, resting in peace!


And yes, Happy anniversary to US.

EDIT: Link to the news article here!

Latest with Us

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While we have already started our studies with a great vigour, it is sometimes, trying to make a proper balance between studies and work which brings a lot of pain in the wrong places..

First of all, while attending the lectures, whatever few I have, I noticed, people are so inquisitive. It seems like, work has decreased our sense of inquisitiveness. While, during lectures, I am of the opinion, please share the slides after the class and dont mind, if I am actually checking my office email in the middle, there is a huge bunch of students, asking questions. I remember, I used to be like this a few years ago. It is just some rust which will fade away soon.

Not being able to cope up in the best way, we (I and Nimika) have taken only 4 subjects initially. We have exams starting from Dec 13th until Dec 20th.

Credits, credits credits.. 🙁  good luck and god speed to us. 🙂

A new phase of life

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So, yesterday marked a start of a new phase in our life. While we have been students earlier, a software engineer too, in this phase we would be both, a student and a software engineer. I am sure many people have been into similar situations before but I guess we (me & nimika) are a bit special.

We will study together again, after five years of studying together at IIIT, but this time, we will know each other.. While the introductions to teachers already started the last week, yesterday was the official beginning of classes.

Both of us are pursuing Masters in IT, with major in Software Systems. The study-system here is very different from what we face in India, well, it is not a forced model of studying. Any sincere student would be able to get good marks here.. 🙂

Hope we would be one of those!

The environment and mental setup was a complete change. Every one was so enthusiastic and asked so many questions and initially, I was of the opinion, hey just share the presentation after the class. Things change so much from the perspective of a working professional and a student. Hope that we can keep a track of what we do and maintain a proper balance.

I am sure things will go good, especially because “the date” classes started is special.

A new blogging client and Oslo

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I just now noticed a new blog client for wordpress like systems for Nokia N900, viz. WordPress for Nokia. Nice and simple UI and has a feature of password protecting the posts (which wasn’t available in the previous client I was using to blog from my phone).

I liked this feature. This new guy has a lot of new things, like, I could add location to my posts, though, I tried it once and failed.. 🙁

Meanwhile, I am in Oslo these days for some office work. This place is beautiful. The city is located around a set of mountains and has an astounding beauty!

The view from office is so beautiful, that one (read I) could just keep looking outside rather than just work! I would post pictures about it soon… Until then, here is a panoramic view captured from my N900 just outside office.

I am proud of my N900. The connectivity it gives me to reach out people is awesome..


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Finally, the transitions for WRT to the new team in bangalore has almost come to an end. Already moved to a new place in office with a new team! Let us see what this qml has in store for us. One thing is for sure that creating UI with qml is pretty easy and I am sure that qml or qt-quick has in store many new things than just a fancy UI.