Nature, tourism and terror

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Why I name my post like that? Probably because of a recent event which in some sense, left a deep impact on me. I and Nimika were in Oslo on the 22nd July weekend or what I would call as Norway’s black friday!
We started from Tampere early morning on Friday, happy and content that we are going to have tryst with nature and get away from the concrete-jungle for a while. Though, this while ended in a short while! At around 4pm, half way to our next destination Geilo, papa called up asking about our well being and information about blasts.. Well, we had left sentrum quite earlier at around 1, but after that everything seemed so different! Suddenly the rainy weather was no more beautiful and all we wanted was to reach our camping area asap.. And guess what, as soon as we reached there, I heard from a few friends back in tampere and from the people nearby about utoya shootings!

Well, that was the night I couldn’t sleep at all. I just felt like if I could just drive back to tampere! Next morning, I had brief chats with the hotel staff, cops and some fellow tourists. The cops said it was fine and safe to drive until Bergen. And we followed the roads then. This time, a little less worried and enjoying the nature more. How the drive was over, I couldn’t really explain. All I could say was that the beauty was breath-taking.

On our drive back to oslo, from bergen, we crossed from the place where it was the “gateway to utoya”, we saw some people standing there, with flowers, lighted candles and tears in their eyes. We prayed for those who had died and for those who had lost their dear ones. Thanked god, that we, or any one we knew, my office colleagues in oslo, all were unharmed.

I just dont understand why people take terror/violence as a refuge to almost anything in this world.. Why dont we just try to make this world, a better place to live!

this summer …

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Summer heat is growing day by day. The temperature is hardly near to 25, the feel is soaring upto 35-40. The heat chill is unbearable, at least in tampere/helsinki. We went to stockholm last weekend and talinn this weekend. Both the places are almost placed in similar geographical locations like the finnish cities. Though the major advantage I felt about them was the pleasant sun..

Perhaps there is something magical over there ozone layer, which is not above finland.

What Else!

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  • having a nice vacation
  • spending time with family and friends
  • eating good food
  • enjoying
  • no emails to answer
  • no work to do
  • though, more than expected travel, yet, watching cricket world cup
  • witness india defeat the australians and arch-rival pakistan in cricket

what else one wants? “No end to this vacation ”

I am loving it… 🙂

On way to Pori

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While we almost lost our way to pori, thanks to some local people who helped us getting out of the situation.

I, Nimi, Vaibhav, his wife Sheetal, their twin sons, Prateek and his wife Swati are on our way to yyteri beach.. Near pori, finland.. More details soon.. 😉

on way to pori

on way to pori