RIP #Nokia

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Rest in peace and pieces, Nokia


End of an era

End of an era


In my blog post dated Feb 12, 2011 (here), I explicitly mentioned that “Nokia is just like a hardware store for MS now” and I think that I was quite right about it.

Though, before I talk more about it, few days ago #Feb11, on Feb 2nd, I wrote a post (here), where I was just wondering what are the five elements that could put nokia far above its close competetors, esp apple and android (google)?

Just about 9 days after that, Nokia was “Elopucated” and this guy, killed #MeeGo and #Symbian. Honestly, I always felt that the way the #Feb11 announcements were made was wrong (read more: here). Both, #Symbian and #MeeGo did not deserve being killed. Moreover, #Symbian could still serve as the money maker for a couple of more years for Nokia and #MeeGo was still a #future disruption.

Nokia was never on a f***ing burning platform and not in such a bad situation as Mr. Stephen Elop thought.

I firmly believe that he joined Nokia with a specific strategy and as of today, he has been successful in that. Given his career history, I always believed that he is a MOLE.

[writing more to this post, need a sleep first] [More, Sep 15, 2013]

I have read somewhere that Elop wanted to sell Nokia even before #Feb11 for a price around $21bn. I do not know how true this “fact” is, but one thing is for sure that he always wanted to sell Nokia, to the employer he has always been loyal to. I personally think that there is lot of money laundering involved in it.

It wasn’t until the time when they pulled in the Trojan Horse the Greeks left which led to the destruction of the mighty city of Troy and it wasn’t until the time when Stephen Elop was pulled into the Nokia Leadership Team, which led to the ultimate loss of Nokia own self identity.

Once the biggest mobile phone player of the world, Nokia always wanted to win the US smartphone market (which it never was able to do, despite of all the efforts made). Probably, this was the only reason which might have propelled the recruitment of a Canadian as the CEO or lets say, a NON-FINN CEO at Nokia. In this pursuit of gaining US market share, which was so far, pre-dominated by Apple, Nokia always forgot what it had in share was the rest of the world, a perfectly growing set of economies that could have served as a perfect breeding ground for the future innovations Nokia had planned to bring into.

The “dream” of beating iPhone in US (and also other markets) was a major factor in collapse of Nokia. The situation was never so bad as portrayed by Mr. Elop. We were not on a burning platform. We could have waited a little more to realize this dream. Nokia N9 was one step already in that direction. Another bold step that Nokia already took was the acquisition of Trolltech. With a dream of “Qt Everywhere”, the moment #Qt was scaled to both the mobile platforms owned by Nokia (#Meego, #Symbian), it was the time to give this dream a fair chance.

But we never did. Or actually, Elop never did. His burning platform memo and decision to kill meego, symbian killed the sales for Nokia and from 32.8 percent of market share, we dropped down to 3 percent. Who has to be blamed for that?

Today, look at Qt, it is available for Android, iOS.

Down the lane, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a WikiLeak cable that says that this Nokia’s downfall was well architectured by some of the biggest players in the market and successfully executed by Mr. Stephen Elop.

Why Cricket will never be the same again

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Here are a few very popular and noteworthy quotes about the maestro, the master blaster, the right arm slow bowler, the one and only legend, the god of cricket, the “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” by a few cricketing legends:


  • I have seen GOD, he bats at no.4 for India in Tests: Mathew Hayden
  • When you bowl at him you are not just trying to get him out, you are trying to impress him: Andrew Flintoff
  • Sachin is a genius. I’m a mere mortal: Brian Charles Lara
  • I am fortunate that I’ve to bowl at him only in the nets: Anil Kumble
  • India me aap Prime Minister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte..Navjot Singh Sidhu
  • He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also: Waqar Younis
  • Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world: Allan Donald
  • There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others: Andy Flower
  • If Sachin plays well…India sleeps well: Harsha Bhogle
  • I would go to bed having nightmares of Sachin dancing down the ground and hitting me for sixes: Shane Warne


In the End, I can only say that his contributions to the sport has been something that the whole nation and the world will look up to and the little master will inspire the generations to come.

Sachin, the greatest living batsman will be missed by every single person who loves cricket. Many people had been criticizing him for not “retiring” from the game but did they ever realize, without him, cricket will never be the same again! And like millions of Indians, I will not be able to come to terms that Sachin is not playing cricket.

For sure, I respect his decision.

Independence Day

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Today, we Indians celebrate our 65th Independence Day!

I am a very proud Indian but today, not sure what to be proud of!

  • The corruption
  • A mute prime-minister, a mocked ex-president or an italian lady?
  • Female foeticides
  • Dowry deaths
  • Political parties who only leg-pull each other, none of them really thinking of public welfare
  • A media that is good for nothing
  • Ailing Assam
  • Female molestation and no one to hear for


Or should I be proud of those few olympic medals? Probably, I might just be proud of those few Olympic medals. Stupid me! In order to change our nation, we should bring change in ourselves. I have started thinking and behaving in a “nation-positive-way” from today.


Have you?


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In my opinion, if every person’s religion is left personal to him/her, this world would be a nicer place to live. At least, people will have a million less reasons to fight each other. People and Governments can focus on specific problems like pollution, global warming, corruption, poverty etc!

One problem less is a million people happy!

Guilt free prisons

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Yesterday we went to visit the hameenlinna fort, in the heart of the Häme province of southern finland. The city stands since the viking age and the castle is supposedly build in the 13th century by the swedish. It is one of the fortified forts in finland, one another being the “soumenlinna” in helsinki.

In the fort, we visited a “Prison Museum”, which showcased the prison cells of the fort and their practices. I appreciate that everyone is entitled to some basic amenities. But that’s an irony!

Other than just being confined in one small room, the prisoners had access to everything. I was pretty amused with the fact that the prisoners, in their cells had telivisions, radio, tapes, proper electricity. Even a common sauna.

I think that being in prison was a kind of a legacy!

Isn’t it so that in a prison one is supposed to repent for what he has done, with limited resources, though not deprived of basic life support things? How would one actually face a “punishment” if he can watch telivision, listen to radio or songs on a player?

Ofcourse there were some harsh cells with only an iron bed, but that were solitary confinements meant only for prison-mates who may be beat-up the other “ladies” of the prison and did not cope up. These cells were only a temporary place of stay with a maximum stay of 7 days.

I wonder that with all the amenities available, what is the idea of a prison?

Prison Cell 01

Prison Cell 01

Prison Cell 02

Prison Cell 02


Few thoughts

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Today we went to worship at the mighty “Baba Mandir” in Deoghar.

Baidyanath Dhaam Mandir

Baidyanath Dhaam Mandir

Deoghar also known as Baidyanath Dham is an important Hindu pilgrimage. It is one of the twelve jyotirlingas, and also one of the 51 shaktipeeths and is famous for the mela of Shrawan (5th month according to the Hindu calendar system. It is the only place in India where the jyotirlinga and the saktipeeth are together. They lay side by side. Each year between July and August (on the eve of the month of Shraavana) about 7 to 8 million devotees come from various part of India to offer holy water from the Ganges at Sultangunj; almost 108 km from Deoghar to present it to Shiva. An unbroken line of people in saffron-dyed clothes stretches over the full 108 km for the month.

More details of the place can be found here.

In the “Baba Mandir” premises, there are many temple of other deities of the hindu religion.

I have a few thoughts about many things…

The first one, starts from the creation of this world. “God Bramha” created this world. In the “Baba Mandir” premises there was a temple of “God Bramha”. When I saw the temple, the first thought that came to my mind was that we mortal humans have created a temple of “the one” who created everything.

The second one being the practice of “chadhavas” in the temples.. It should be left to the devotees.. Have many things to say.. Little time. Will bounce back for more!

जीत या हार

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समस्या जीत या हार की नही है
समस्या बस जानने की है

ना हम क्रोध जानते हैं ना काम
ना भोग जानते हैं ना मोक्ष
ना अर्जन जानते हैं ना अर्पण

हम ने ना कभी प्यार किया
ना स्वयं को कभी उस काबिल बनाया

यही अगयान्न हमारी पराजय है

जानना ही जीतना है
जीतना ही जीना है
और जीना ही उसे पाना है

अंधेरे में रस्सी साँप जैसी दिखती है
कुछ भागते हैं, कुछ लड़ने की तैयारी करते हैं
जो करीब जाते हैं, वो ही सच जान पाते हैं

करना कुछ भी नही है, सिर्फ़ करीब जाना है…

Making of a poet

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To understand life, spend a few days in heaven
Fly, glide, float, chase a cloud
Ride an elephant, do a spice tour
Pick strawberries, cycle romantic trails
Trek deep dark forests, embark on jungle safari
Talk to the mountain goat, loose your heart to a wild flower
Surrender to the rejuvenating touch of nature
Visit the gods

And then, you are born anew…

A hundred musicians awake your spirit
Magical torches shed light on the unknown
Warriors flashing blades of steel ward of evil
Majestic elephants stand guard
Thousands wait with baited breath
Suddenly the music reaches a psychedelic crescendo
Giant spirits in astounding forms emerge

And then, you are blessed…

Step in watercolors by god
In a million shades of green
The endless backwaters meander
Lilies bloom, lotuses smile
Children play, coir women sing
Butterflies dance, fishes plop
Birds dive, elephants bathe
The wind whispers
Paddy fields prance
Bullock carts jingle
Ducks glide, boats sail
Life flows

And then, suddenly, you are a poet…

(an old and lovable post)

What will I need?

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A writer does it with a pen, a painter with a brush
A photographer simply shuts his right eye…
A player does it with his spirits, a teacher with his knowledge
A mother does it with her care, a father with his understanding

Mechanic uses his skill
Sachin uses his bat
Anand uses his brain
An Engineer uses his plan.

Newton needed an apple, Archimedes needed a bath

What will i need?

[an old poem, re-published]