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take a tip, skip the queue

Have you ever found yourself waiting in the queue at the bank or post office, twiddling your thumbs, desperately wishing that you could be using the time to pick up some groceries, the dry cleaning or to simply grab a coffee instead?

Now you can, with! Use your mobile phone to secure your place in the queue. Utilize your waiting time exactly as you want to and show up right when it’s your turn to be served.

Check out our first video, hand-made at Codemenders Oy.

In the summers of 2012, many of us at Nokia were asked to leave because of huge changes in the organization and company focus (yes, one of the polite ways to tell this).

That’s when we decided to do something of our own. I am very proud to announce that our work, which started in the fall of 2012 has now hit a new milestone. has kept me busy most of the time outside of my office hours and now it is available for public. It is an honest bid to save a little amount of our time, which we spend doing nothing at the queues.

Extend your support to by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. And yes, do refer it to an office near you, where you think we need to take away your queueing worries!

Hearty thanks to the team behind, Nimika for the Windows phone application, Alexey for Android phone application, Dmitry for the iPhone application, Chandra for guiding us in lows, highs.

Automation – role and responsibility

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Test Automation and Continous Integration play a major role in Software Engineering. They not only help getting the valuable feedback early, but also provide us the real user experience and maturity of the software quiet early in the phase of actually releasing the product.

IMHO, a well trained human could do mistakes, but a well written script can never make any mistakes.

The marshmellow challenge

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Fun and design experience!! The marshmellow challenge is all about your intutive design and ability to work in collaboration. The task is so simple that everybody things they’d do it in a flash. But then as you start it, it starts getting difficult.

All the fun lies between how you are supposed to use 20 spaghetties, a yard of string and cello-tape to build the tallest free standing structure with a marshmellow on top.

The biggest challenge is that you cannot eat the marshmellow. 😉

Surprisingly, the statistical analysis of the challenge says that the kids are best at it. That’s because they always keep in mind that they have to keep the marshmellow at the top. And thus they keep on prototyping the design. Usually, people tend to create tall structures and then at the last, put the marshmellow on top, which usually is a failure.

Prototyping is very important! In software engineering as well.

Last friday, we had our team day. Though, it was the first time I came to know about the marshmellow challenge, our team won and it was because we stick to the basic goal of putting the marshmellow on top.

it is good to think as a child..

it is good to think as a child..