Internet problems

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Internet problems.. I am using a t-mobile sim card (duplicate sims) on both, Lumia 800 and Nokia N9. Internet access works just fine on Lumia but it is the MeeGo N9 which is having problems.

What works fine:

  1. I am able to successfully connect to Internet using the t-mobile apn on my phone.
  2. Internet works fine in my meego browser. I am online from my google chat account after a few hassles.
  3. The events feed updates itself.

What does not work:

  1. The mail application cannot connect to internet. I keep getting error that can’t connect to server.
  2. My sip account does not connect to internet, reports some kind of network error.
  3. I never received any configuration message telling me to store t-mobile data. The apn is just available.

This behaviour is a bit strange to me. When I connected my N9 to a shared WiFi from Lumia, I see the same problems. While everything seems to be working fine on Lumia, e.g. Google mail.

When I connected my N9 to a shared WiFi from another N9 (my wife’s, which also uses t-mobile, prepaid), everything works just Ok.

Any pointers anyone? I would appreciate any feedback on twitter @aseemshakuntal

(PS: although its too late, but I am going to write a post about Lumia800 vs N9)

N9, again

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Here is why the N9 is for me

After using the Lumia 800 for a day, I am happy to say that it makes my Nokia N9 purchase even more valid and justifiable. Here is why I personally prefer the N9 over the Lumia 800 for use in the U.S. on T-Mobile:

  • 3G data on T-Mobile, AT&T, and around the world (a true Nokia world phone)
  • Double tap to turn on display without needing to ever press the on/off button
  • Multi-tasking beast where I have had over 27 apps running at once with a slick display to switch between them
  • Time shown on black screen when locked (sometimes the simple things mean a lot)
  • Awesome swipe to go to a notification (starting to get bothered by no real meaningful notifications in Windows Phone)
  • Integrated services and ability to interact with them (WP has many of these too, but MeeGo still does it better)
  • Swype keyboard is coming soon, along with other great updates not delayed by carriers
  • Being part of a very enthusiastic community of a device that the community refuses to let die out


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Samosa, I love them so much!

Samosa, I love them so much!

And in turn, also checking the image upload feature for MaStory, a blog client for Nokia N900