Nokia N9

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Finally, after months of hard work, Nokia N9 is out to public. Very soon, it will be available in the stores.

Nokia N9, an excellent piece of innovation as it is, has brought in focus a completely new way of user interaction: “the swipe”. Of course, all you need is a swipe!

Powered by MeeGo, N9 is a phone anyone would like to poses. With superb features like:

  • excellent social network integration (it comes with dedicated apps for facebook, twitter pre-installed and many more in the ovi store)
  • mail for exchange, pop/imap email, cal dev calendar support, skype, google talk, sip calling, voip support
  • extremely catchy ui (yes, nokia has outdone iPhone/apple in just one shot)
  • innovative gestures
  • a very good camera (8mp, carl zeiss); shoot, capture, share (over sms/email/social networks like fb, twitter)
  • good battery life
  • sleek hardware, sexy display
  • nfc
  • excellent and responsive browser, html 5 support
  • free maps (both offline and online) + navigation
  • angry birds (my personal favourite)
  • internal memory (16 to 64 gb)
  • and what not!! Visit for details

What a general, active on social network user would want in their phone…

  1. a good camera to take pictures/videos
  2. one single ui to share the picture/video to social sites
  3. keep self updated with whats happening around (weather, social network etc) without much fuzz
  4. an email client (i personally would have more than one accounts configured into one)
  5. good integration with online services where one can keep a backup of contacts, communications
  6. personally, i would also prefer to have a good rss feed reader, also integrated with social networking features so that i can share what i read and liked

and yes, all of these features are pre-installed on this small genius. You dont really need any separate app or purchase a separate app for all this..

I have been using nokia n900 since long time. I am addicted to it. There is not any phone till now that has proved itself to be as useful as N900. N900 has been an important part of my day-to-day life. Right from checking my office/personal emails to making sip/voip calls to being in touch with friends/family using skype/google and not loosing my mobility to even writing blog posts using a dedicated application for that (wordpress for nokia)… etcetera

But now, after having used N9 for a while, I am proud to say that I have found an excellent, smarter, sexy and appealing replacement for my N900.

Nokia N9, powered by meego, rocks!

(As this is a personal blog, if you want to comment/ask something about N9, please leave it on twitter @aseemshakuntal) can be watched for more details on this excellent piece of technology.