Why Cricket will never be the same again

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Here are a few very popular and noteworthy quotes about the maestro, the master blaster, the right arm slow bowler, the one and only legend, the god of cricket, the “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” by a few cricketing legends:


  • I have seen GOD, he bats at no.4 for India in Tests: Mathew Hayden
  • When you bowl at him you are not just trying to get him out, you are trying to impress him: Andrew Flintoff
  • Sachin is a genius. I’m a mere mortal: Brian Charles Lara
  • I am fortunate that I’ve to bowl at him only in the nets: Anil Kumble
  • India me aap Prime Minister ko ek Baar Katghare me khada kar sakte hain..Par Sachin Tendulkar par Ungli nahi utha Sakte..Navjot Singh Sidhu
  • He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also: Waqar Younis
  • Sachin Tendulkar has often reminded me of a veteran army colonel who has many medals on his chest to show how he has conquered bowlers all over the world: Allan Donald
  • There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others: Andy Flower
  • If Sachin plays well…India sleeps well: Harsha Bhogle
  • I would go to bed having nightmares of Sachin dancing down the ground and hitting me for sixes: Shane Warne


In the End, I can only say that his contributions to the sport has been something that the whole nation and the world will look up to and the little master will inspire the generations to come.

Sachin, the greatest living batsman will be missed by every single person who loves cricket. Many people had been criticizing him for not “retiring” from the game but did they ever realize, without him, cricket will never be the same again! And like millions of Indians, I will not be able to come to terms that Sachin is not playing cricket.

For sure, I respect his decision.

Sachin, God

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As an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar and a big cricket fan, I must share this.. 🙂

Not very sure about its authenticity, still, I love it!

India vs Australia [2004] match…

Brad Hogg takes Sachin’s wicket. At the end of the match, Hogg gave that ball to Sachin for his autograph. Sachin put his sign with one beautiful sentence, “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

Till today Hogg could not take his wicket for the second time.

After this incident Hogg and Tendulkar have come face to face 21 times… but he could never get Master Blaster out!

Hats off to the confidence! 🙂


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Soch rahi hun aisa kya dun, aaj k din tohfa tumko
Chehre pe muskaan jo laye, jab bhi dekho tum usko

Mere dil ki baat kahe jo.. dil ki har jasbaat kahe…
Ye bhi kah de tumse ki main pyaar karun kitna tumko…

Tumse kah de ye bhi ki tum pyaar nahi sirf, dost bhi ho
Din me mere suraj tum ho.. aur raat me chand bhi ho

Chehre ki muskaan bhi tum ho, Mera har shringaar bhi tum…
Haanthon ka kangan bhi tum ho, Aur gale ka haar bhi tum.

Soch rahi hun aisa kya dun, aaj k din tohfa tumko
Chehre pe muskaan jo laye, jab bhi dekho tum usko

-by nimika, may 8th, 2011
celebrating two years of wonderful love..


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She is…

my power to challenge the impossible
my power using which i can beat the world’s best
my power to see every failure as a starting point
my power that gives space for ideas that haven’t been thought yet
my power to let my imagination fill them

she is… Nimika

Our first anniversary

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We never forget the first things in life…

Like, the first school, first friend, first toy-gun, first night-out with friends…

Like, “first anniversary”!! 🙂

Yes, I and Nimika celebrated our first anniversary yesterday, may 8th, 2010. It has been a year and yet it feels like it happened just yesterday!

This wonderful journey has been so loving, caring and enchanting. I really dint feel how an year crossed by!

A journey, so loving!

A journey, so loving!


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I was born to Dr. Shishir K Verma and Rashmi Verma as their first child on May the 16th, year with-held for security reasons.. 😉

The corner in my house where this picture was taken, looks exactly the same, even after 25+ years of their marriage.

Maa and Papa, immediately after their marriage

Maa and Papa, immediately after their marriage