Valentines Day

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Valentines day never ever meant the traditional valentines day to me. During my early schooling days or lets say, until 2000, it was more like an event for friends. We used to wish our friends good wishes for the day. Nothing related to the typical romantic day that the world celebrates today.

Later, I moved to Ranchi for my higher studies and lived with bua – phupha for two wonderful years. Here, valentines day was something special. It was phupha ji’s birthday. I always greeted him with “happy valentines day phupha ji.. and happy birthday”. Its like one of those special things you share in any relationship.

Phupha ji is a person who has inspired me in a lot of things. He left us for his heavenly abode in 2011.

We miss him a lot. I do.

Today, I and Nimika also don’t really celebrate valentines day in its traditional meaning. We rather celebrate Jan 18, the day we confessed our love for each other.

For me, feb 14 still starts with my phone alarm ringing: “phupha ji’s birthday” and it always will.

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Baba, your sudden demise has left a void in the family, which can never be filled. No one can ever take your place in this world. No one can comfort us with the words that “it was your time”. Things now are not the same. They never will be. The world for us has turned upside down. Moments ago, we used to cherish the sense of fulfillment we had when you were here and a moment after, we suddenly feel like there is nothing.

Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. Following this humble tradition of centuries, my grandfather left us for his heavenly abode on March 10, 2012. Since then, it has been more than a month, but the void his demise has created is as new.

Having served as a public representative at many different posts of the government, he was cremated with full state honors in a state funeral.

covered in national flag, baba ready for his "antim yatra"

covered in national flag, baba ready for his “antim yatra”


There were un-countable number of people who visited the last rites ceremony and a funeral pyre, so high, wasn’t witnessed by anyone in their lifetime. It is said that the higher the pyre, the more “saint” the soul was.


baba's funeral pyre

baba’s funeral pyre

Loss, shock, happiness

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Holi, the festival of colors, also marks the start of new year in the hindu calendar. The start of this new year wasn’t good at all. Baba left us for his heavenly abode. Brain haemorrhage. Collapsed while being taken to give him the best treatment at Kolkata.

His death marked an end to an era in life of so many people and not just us. Having served the post of a state cabinet minister, M.L.A, bar association chairman, public prosecutor, he was cremated with state honors.

“wo sher ki tarah jiye aur sher ki tarag chale gaye”

I travelled to India for Baba’s funeral on Mar 10 and came back on Mar 26. On return, had a very tiring journey. Nimi wasn’t feeling good because of a dizzy feeling in her head due to the bus travel from Helsinki to tampere. When I opened the door, I assisted her to the washroom. Then, cleaned all the pile of papers, mail etc from the door. Had an excitement to see my payslip, my credit card bill, closed the door, checked them all, had dinner, slept.

Morning, around 5′o clock, police called me informing that my car was stolen and burnt. Oh my, where were my keys? Did I accidentally leave them outside? Probably yes. And someone with an ill intention stole the key from there, then my car. But then, why did he burn it? Was it due to some personal grudge or a grudge against a community? I dont know. I just want the police to investigate it and catch the culprit.

I later went to take a look at the car. It was completely destroyed.

Binti gave birth to a cute little daughter on her birthday, mar 16. Both the ladies now share the same birthday. Both the ladies are fine.

I will probably write more about the events, hopefully, soon!


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She is…

my power to challenge the impossible
my power using which i can beat the world’s best
my power to see every failure as a starting point
my power that gives space for ideas that haven’t been thought yet
my power to let my imagination fill them

she is… Nimika

Our first anniversary

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We never forget the first things in life…

Like, the first school, first friend, first toy-gun, first night-out with friends…

Like, “first anniversary”!! 🙂

Yes, I and Nimika celebrated our first anniversary yesterday, may 8th, 2010. It has been a year and yet it feels like it happened just yesterday!

This wonderful journey has been so loving, caring and enchanting. I really dint feel how an year crossed by!

A journey, so loving!

A journey, so loving!


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I was born to Dr. Shishir K Verma and Rashmi Verma as their first child on May the 16th, year with-held for security reasons.. 😉

The corner in my house where this picture was taken, looks exactly the same, even after 25+ years of their marriage.

Maa and Papa, immediately after their marriage

Maa and Papa, immediately after their marriage