98th post

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Being my 98th post and a post, post Sep 3, 2013, here is the most important event that happened on Sep 3rd “Microsoft buys Nokia [all the mobile phone unit + smart devices + related liabilities]

I knew that this was coming, but did not expect it to be so soon! Neither at such a low price. I will write my feelings and more about it soon.. Just got back from a week away from home. And to the irony, I got to hear about the sad news when I was in Finland, the home of Nokia.

The interesting thing is that after this buy-out, what will happen to the “New Nokia”? Will that be sold too? Eventually? Lets take some time to answer that question.

Some tit-bits of this event from my eyes:

oh, my precious n9

oh, my precious n9

what a loyalty, Mr. Elop

what a loyalty, Mr. Elop

all good things come to an end!

all good things come to an end!


T-Mobile data problem

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Yes, a repeated post. Well, almost. Writing down my mobile data problem with my T-Mobile, Germany sim card so that Telecom_hilft could help me.

My subscription: Post paid t-mobile subscription with dual sim card. Primary sim being used in Lumia and secondary sim in N9. (or sometimes, also the other way round).

What is the problem:
1. When connected to the mobile data, the native email application on my phone does not work. It complains that it cannot connect to smtp server. At the same time, internet in the browser works ok.

The most annoying part is that the same email application works absolutely fine with a prepaid t-mobile connection. Also, to make sure its not the problem of cell phone, I checked phone with other connection (e.g. my number from finland) and it worked just fine!

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