2013, new year!

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Thanks to the no internet and crazy mobile internet, could not talk to friends and family today.

I extend my warmest wishes to everyone, family, friends.. Lets be more responsible and more happy in 2013. May this new year bring in all things you’ve been waiting for.

God speed and god bless all of us.

(especially after a not so good 2012)

Internet problems

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Internet problems.. I am using a t-mobile sim card (duplicate sims) on both, Lumia 800 and Nokia N9. Internet access works just fine on Lumia but it is the MeeGo N9 which is having problems.

What works fine:

  1. I am able to successfully connect to Internet using the t-mobile apn on my phone.
  2. Internet works fine in my meego browser. I am online from my google chat account after a few hassles.
  3. The events feed updates itself.

What does not work:

  1. The mail application cannot connect to internet. I keep getting error that can’t connect to server.
  2. My sip account does not connect to internet, reports some kind of network error.
  3. I never received any configuration message telling me to store t-mobile data. The apn is just available.

This behaviour is a bit strange to me. When I connected my N9 to a shared WiFi from Lumia, I see the same problems. While everything seems to be working fine on Lumia, e.g. Google mail.

When I connected my N9 to a shared WiFi from another N9 (my wife’s, which also uses t-mobile, prepaid), everything works just Ok.

Any pointers anyone? I would appreciate any feedback on twitter @aseemshakuntal

(PS: although its too late, but I am going to write a post about Lumia800 vs N9)

Why I still miss Tampere

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Yes, I still miss Tampere.

Reasons? Here they go..

  • Tampere is so calm and serene
  • The heating systems are so effective in Finland and so not effective in Berlin
  • People are more welcoming in Tampere
  • To me, Tampere is more like home
  • I believe that my comfort zone lies in Finland, esp Tampere

I know, this is almost a repeated post.. But I really mean it

Puuttu Suomi

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puuttu suomi: missing finland

Yes, of course! Though I’ve relocated to Berlin, I do miss Finland, esp. Tampere a lot. To me, Tampere was a home, away from home. We were well settled there. And now, in Berlin, I still feel like an alien.

I heard some ladies talking in Finnish yesterday in the U-Bahn and that felt like something familiar to me. Although, I do not understand Finnish, but the words were familiar and I felt happy about it.

Since the day, I have been here, I am missing Finland in my day-to-day activities.

In comparison to Finland, some things really need a lift. For example,

  • Snow management is not as good
  • The heating system is not as affective in apartments
  • Forget about cleaner streets and walk ways now
  • The public places, like stations are really dirty (littered, broken beer bottles, papers…)
  • Not so smiley faces around. (Yes, in Finland, I have come across many people who tend to smile at others on eye contact. It never so happened here and because of that, I feel a bit odd, because I have developed that habit too.. and people might just think, who the hell was he? why was he smiling at me??)
  • Yes, there is crime too.

Sometimes, I do miss the immense amount of snow.. 😉

May be once all my stuff from Finland is here and I get an apartment, I start feeling differently! But I would still miss the calm, serene Finland. And I am looking forward to go back sometime, to complete my studies and to …

Berlin, first thoughts

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So, as blogged earlier, I am now in Berlin! Mainly because of my job (and some other agenda, which would be revealed via this blog when time comes)

After having lived for 3 wonderful years in Tampere, my first thoughts about this place are pretty mixed. In first look, I did not like this place at all.

What I did not like explicitly:

  • This city is too crowded.
  • I have met a couple of grumpy people already (thankfully, none of them were Germans).
  • The public transport line stations, especially those for S-Bahn and U-Bahn are sometimes very dirty.
  • The crime rate is high. I have been advised by lot of friends and colleagues not to rome around in night in empty bus / train / tram etc.. [1]
  • There is a lot of fight in finding an apartment. [2]
  • There is a hell lot of bureaucracy! [3]
  • Health insurance is damn expensive!
  • Who said that renting apartments in Berlin is very cheap?
What I did like about this place:
  • Relatively well connected public transport
  • Good colleagues at work
  • More and more Indian restaurants
  • Lot of “happening” things around
I personally, felt more secure during my first few days in Helsinki / Tampere, than I did here, in Berlin. Here, I always try to be as secure as I can. For example, beware of walking on empty streets in night.. Probably, I would be able to give more inputs and have better thoughts after a couple of months.. whether I really like this city or not. Although, I am still pissed of a few things..
  • It is famous that a german moves with his kitchen. I knew this but never realized that I will not get any houses with a “fitted kitchen”. Mostly, an empty room, which I have to furnish myself. Damn! Thats gonna be an expensive affair.
  • Cold rent + warm rent..
  • Houses are not so maintained (as they are in Finland)
In fact, living in Finland, has raised my expectations a bit too high, probably! And I am happy about that.

  1. A Viatnamese guy was beaten to death one late night, last year by some people at Potsdamer Platz.
  2. Just in order to apply for an apartment, I have signed and provided my relocation agent with lots and lots of documents. Counting the number of those pages, I could have easily written a master’s thesis in Finland.
  3. I received my social security number after 5 weeks of stay in Berlin. In Finland, you get it almost instantly! You need something called a Schuffa credit report to apply for an apartment. Its ridiculous that I am new in Germany, still I have to have a German credit report. And yes, they do not accept Finnish credit report.

Of course, most of my comparisons are w.r.t. Tampere (and sometimes Helsinki).

New thing

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Yesterday was my father’s birthday.

I also put my hands into something I really like.. its a new thing and a new beginning. I would like to take this “new thing” forward in my life and would work hard for it. Yes, there would be tough times ahead, but I am game for it.


Would come up with more details soon.

Independence Day

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Today, we Indians celebrate our 65th Independence Day!

I am a very proud Indian but today, not sure what to be proud of!

  • The corruption
  • A mute prime-minister, a mocked ex-president or an italian lady?
  • Female foeticides
  • Dowry deaths
  • Political parties who only leg-pull each other, none of them really thinking of public welfare
  • A media that is good for nothing
  • Ailing Assam
  • Female molestation and no one to hear for


Or should I be proud of those few olympic medals? Probably, I might just be proud of those few Olympic medals. Stupid me! In order to change our nation, we should bring change in ourselves. I have started thinking and behaving in a “nation-positive-way” from today.


Have you?


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I always wanted to setup a microblog for my website and just get rid of twitter for every update I do.. The idea is that friends and family are aware of my micro-blog and follow me there. I can post things to twitter only when I really want to..

I personally liked for everything but could not configure it for my mobile client on MeeGo. I received a strange error always that the website is down. When tried using the web interface on mobile, all posts were published as private posts which was not what I wanted.

I also gave a try to sharetronix. But it is just too complex.

For now, I find myself content with a chinese blog called PageCookery. Works ok on mobile browser and has basic things available. What I also like about them is their categorization of posts.. something like: I like, I want etc..

For now, my microblog can be found here, currently hosted using pagecookery, bit I will try to change it to The installation can be found here

Hello world 2

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My website suffered some kind of attack recently, because of which, a lot of spam mails were being generated from my account. I had to henceforth, delete all my data and start from scratch.

I will try my best to restore all the data (blog-posts) to this “new blog”

God speed and god bless!


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We moved to a new apartment a week ago. It was quite difficult to live at the old apartment.

“Was he the one who burnt my car?”

This was a common question that used to come to my mind whenever I saw someone in my apartment. This left no mental peace at all.

I also took a loan from bank, took another car, which seemed to be required now. The day I was returning back after purchasing new car, while parking the car, I noticed that a person who lives in the apartment in front of ours, was staring very bad at us for about 30-40 seconds. I immediately felt as if he might have burnt my car and is now thinking, oh, he has another car now! Quite an irony that when I had put notices in my apartment about the incident, somebody tore them instantly. The same person was selling some potatoes last week and put a notice at the same place I did. His notice was intact for about more than a week.

Well, I no more live at that place, but I am left with a few un-answered questions.

Why did Mr. ‘HIM’ keep staring at us when we came back taking another car?

Mr. ‘HIM’ lives just in front of our house, so, he might be the first person to notice the keys, outside the apartment.

Why was there a different behavior to our notice and not to Mr. ‘HIM”s notice? Was he the one who tore my notices?

Well, I am not trying to point my fingures to Mr. ‘HIM’, but I do have some unanswered questions and tye answers to which might either prove him guilty or innocent!