The Final Nail in the Coffin

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With Microsoft firing 18000 employees, 12500 of which are ex-Nokians, this was the final nail in the coffin of Nokia, a company that once used to manufacture 12 phones per second. I seriously doubt that these reductions have any thing to do with being more agile or setting the focus. I think that this was all a part of a plan.

A plan that was so well executed that most of the world thought that all the employee reductions, closing of sites, killing of technologies etc. were merely a part of trying to keep the shareholders happy, trying to keep the profit and trying to build an ecosystem. In all this hussle-fussle, so many things were lost! And what the f*** is a burning platform? To this date, I still don’t understand the need of a burning platform memo!

Look at all of it in this way: Nokia was growing fast,  very fast with its revolutionary work for Linux based mobile phones and given the outcomes with Nokia N9, upcoming MeeGo and Qt based ecosystem, its partnership with Intel, and a massive portfolio of Symbian phones (including Feature and Smart phones) it was getting tough for other competitors like Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft (who was yet to create a mark in the market with its meagre 1% share). People say, everything is fair in love and war and in this war of winning the market shares, there was quite a bit of money laundering and foul play orchestrated by Nokia’s rivals/competitors to bring down their biggest competitor. It not only meant to just kill all ambitions of Nokia as a mobile phone company, but to also disrupt exclusive talent that Nokia had retained since long. All of this was smartly lead by Mr. Stephen Elop.

As of today, I have officially given a middle name to Stephen Elop and that is: Mr. Stephen Fucking Elop. Look at this man’s credentials, aren’t they <sarcasm>IMPRESSIVE</sarcasm>!

<me>coming up with another post, Nokia Plan Z very soon!</me>


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take a tip, skip the queue

Have you ever found yourself waiting in the queue at the bank or post office, twiddling your thumbs, desperately wishing that you could be using the time to pick up some groceries, the dry cleaning or to simply grab a coffee instead?

Now you can, with qtip.me! Use your mobile phone to secure your place in the queue. Utilize your waiting time exactly as you want to and show up right when it’s your turn to be served.

Check out our first video, hand-made at Codemenders Oy.

In the summers of 2012, many of us at Nokia were asked to leave because of huge changes in the organization and company focus (yes, one of the polite ways to tell this).

That’s when we decided to do something of our own. I am very proud to announce that our work, which started in the fall of 2012 has now hit a new milestone.

qtip.me has kept me busy most of the time outside of my office hours and now it is available for public. It is an honest bid to save a little amount of our time, which we spend doing nothing at the queues.

Extend your support to qtip.me by following us on twitter and liking us on facebook. And yes, do refer it to an office near you, where you think we need to take away your queueing worries!

Hearty thanks to the team behind qtip.me, Nimika for the Windows phone application, Alexey for Android phone application, Dmitry for the iPhone application, Chandra for guiding us in lows, highs.


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Like all others, I received my Jolla phone a few days ago.

On first few hours of usage, I am amazed to see its performance and happy that Nokia N9 possibly has a worthy successor. In the coming few days, I will give this phone a full try and then post what I liked and what I did not. Although, I must confess that I have not yet started to use it as my primary phone (which is still Nokia N9) so far. Especially the social part of it.

Some of my initial thoughts about it (in about 24hrs of basic usage):

Happy to see:

  • Jolla store showing live feeds of whats happening
  • Nice calendar application. Especially like the way you show week numbers and week days
  • Time picker in Timer is quite familiar to me and I liked it.
  • Quite an intuitive date picker which takes one from Year -> Month -> Day


  • No SIP account support available
  • Forced to sync social (facebook, twitter) contacts to local phone
  • Cannot mount the SD Card to laptop / PC (or am I missing something?)
  • Cannot save camera pictures to SD Card
  • No head phones in package and if you connect the phone to another headphone, music player does not respond to button press, e.g. for changing songs.

Improvements required:

  • Add a shortcut to connectivity in home screen pulley menu. Following “Settings -> WLAN -> List of networks” to connect to WLAN is a bit painful.
  • Allow to change the unit settings in the Map application. Always seeing YARDS when I am used to METERS is very very annoying
  • Add support of mounting SD card on PC
  • Allow saving camera pictures in the SD Card
  • Would you mind adding a “Close all” button in Multitasking view (just like N9)?

Some easter eggs required:

  • Please add a “Are you missing N9?” dialog / application when someone tries to swipe from L to R on Home Screen

Points for me:

  • Play with the phone more
  • Make it my primary phone in days to come
  • Try to find out some time and possibly contribute to the Jolla ecosystem with some apps!

Any comments, please post on twitter @aseemshakuntal


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So, I started to work at Rightware Oy in Espoo. A company working in automotive domain with a cool UI framework called Kanzi and a benchmark framework. So far, the first week has been OK.

Some things I liked here (and not being diplomatic, I swear):

  • Friendly people
  • Nice workplace
  • Nice tool Kanzi

Thing which might need improvement:

  • For god sakes, start using GIT. Subversion is so old school
  • Please have a bus stop nearer to office
  • Do we really need to use Windows?



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Happy birthday, Nokia N9, my precious!

Though, you were killed on arrival, but you still are the most under-rated smartphone today! Happy to use you and be a part of your development program!

€ 18 million

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And after having sold:
– Nokia’s soul
– Every Finns confidence
– The pride of so many people


Look what he has got? First he was given a joining bonus to cover his losses from previous employer [here] and now, he is being paid a staggering 18mn for having to finish this deal.. (even though this money could be a part of his shares in nokia).

There is only one man benefitted in this whole saga.. Mr. Stephen Elop and I f****ng hate him.

I am sad for Nokia.

Update, Sep 24, 2013: Look what one man has done to a great company! Anybody has any “shame”?? Nokia board of directors?? [here] WTF!!

Who's the winner?

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Forget what has happened in the recent past. Rewind yourself a bit. Combine a few things from the past, present and future. Look what a developer has in offering from Nokia:

  1. A world built around MeeGo, Symbian which captures around 30+ percent of market share
  2. Qt available for Android
  3. Qt available for iOS
  4. Nokia’s QT app store supporting apps also for Android and iOS
  5. Same apps portable also to desktop linux platforms
  6. Qt based UI built across Windows phone with Qt support available for Windows
  7. Qt Apps also available for Windows

One ring to rule them all! As a developer, write code and publish it to Store. Select target platforms and publish them to almost all phone markets.

An “ecosystem” dream come true!

But our the then CEO, Mr. Elop lacked this vision. His definition of ecosystem is pretty much around this 20 second clip (Elop’s idea of Ecosystem) and probably, he has not idea other than it.

Mr. Elop, what have you built? Just an “echo” system I suppose!

RIP #Nokia

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Rest in peace and pieces, Nokia


End of an era

End of an era


In my blog post dated Feb 12, 2011 (here), I explicitly mentioned that “Nokia is just like a hardware store for MS now” and I think that I was quite right about it.

Though, before I talk more about it, few days ago #Feb11, on Feb 2nd, I wrote a post (here), where I was just wondering what are the five elements that could put nokia far above its close competetors, esp apple and android (google)?

Just about 9 days after that, Nokia was “Elopucated” and this guy, killed #MeeGo and #Symbian. Honestly, I always felt that the way the #Feb11 announcements were made was wrong (read more: here). Both, #Symbian and #MeeGo did not deserve being killed. Moreover, #Symbian could still serve as the money maker for a couple of more years for Nokia and #MeeGo was still a #future disruption.

Nokia was never on a f***ing burning platform and not in such a bad situation as Mr. Stephen Elop thought.

I firmly believe that he joined Nokia with a specific strategy and as of today, he has been successful in that. Given his career history, I always believed that he is a MOLE.

[writing more to this post, need a sleep first] [More, Sep 15, 2013]

I have read somewhere that Elop wanted to sell Nokia even before #Feb11 for a price around $21bn. I do not know how true this “fact” is, but one thing is for sure that he always wanted to sell Nokia, to the employer he has always been loyal to. I personally think that there is lot of money laundering involved in it.

It wasn’t until the time when they pulled in the Trojan Horse the Greeks left which led to the destruction of the mighty city of Troy and it wasn’t until the time when Stephen Elop was pulled into the Nokia Leadership Team, which led to the ultimate loss of Nokia own self identity.

Once the biggest mobile phone player of the world, Nokia always wanted to win the US smartphone market (which it never was able to do, despite of all the efforts made). Probably, this was the only reason which might have propelled the recruitment of a Canadian as the CEO or lets say, a NON-FINN CEO at Nokia. In this pursuit of gaining US market share, which was so far, pre-dominated by Apple, Nokia always forgot what it had in share was the rest of the world, a perfectly growing set of economies that could have served as a perfect breeding ground for the future innovations Nokia had planned to bring into.

The “dream” of beating iPhone in US (and also other markets) was a major factor in collapse of Nokia. The situation was never so bad as portrayed by Mr. Elop. We were not on a burning platform. We could have waited a little more to realize this dream. Nokia N9 was one step already in that direction. Another bold step that Nokia already took was the acquisition of Trolltech. With a dream of “Qt Everywhere”, the moment #Qt was scaled to both the mobile platforms owned by Nokia (#Meego, #Symbian), it was the time to give this dream a fair chance.

But we never did. Or actually, Elop never did. His burning platform memo and decision to kill meego, symbian killed the sales for Nokia and from 32.8 percent of market share, we dropped down to 3 percent. Who has to be blamed for that?

Today, look at Qt, it is available for Android, iOS.

Down the lane, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a WikiLeak cable that says that this Nokia’s downfall was well architectured by some of the biggest players in the market and successfully executed by Mr. Stephen Elop.

98th post

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Being my 98th post and a post, post Sep 3, 2013, here is the most important event that happened on Sep 3rd “Microsoft buys Nokia [all the mobile phone unit + smart devices + related liabilities]

I knew that this was coming, but did not expect it to be so soon! Neither at such a low price. I will write my feelings and more about it soon.. Just got back from a week away from home. And to the irony, I got to hear about the sad news when I was in Finland, the home of Nokia.

The interesting thing is that after this buy-out, what will happen to the “New Nokia”? Will that be sold too? Eventually? Lets take some time to answer that question.

Some tit-bits of this event from my eyes:

oh, my precious n9

oh, my precious n9

what a loyalty, Mr. Elop

what a loyalty, Mr. Elop

all good things come to an end!

all good things come to an end!