Nokia Plan Z (part 2)

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Earlier this year (some time during August), I had created a post called Nokia Plan Z. While I could not yet complete and publish this post but the very essence of this post is now already known to all, in forms of:

  • The Nokia Z Launcher
  • The Nokia N1

So, I guess, my part-fiction “story”, which I had in my head then, was not wrong at all. I just hope the rest of it also coming true, very soon.

Some of them being:

// # 1

Nokia might still be working on a “Kick Ass Android Phone” which would be launched on the very next day they are allowed to make mobile devices again (as per the MS agreement). This phone might have the best specs to date, a good UI and UX. Or it is quite possible that they are doing something of their own?

// # 2

Heard some rumours some where that Nokia N9 (MeeGo) is not dead. So, I assume it is going to come back in some form or the other. May be like a cloud OS or a major uplift to first the software and then, the hardware? Who knows, but changes of software + hardware combo is still remote. I would still bet on something cloudy.

// # 3

Here Maps going mainstream, leaving Google Maps way behind. Guys, I have worked in the team that used to develop Here Maps. And let me tell you, they are an awesome team. Right from the designers to developers to managers. So, this product is going to go very far and bring Nokia “BACK”

Some more still, but I guess, that is all for today. It wouldn’t be wrong to tell that Nokia is definitely going to make another 150 years in history. Once again, I have to say, kudos to an awesome team at Nokia.