2014 July

The Final Nail in the Coffin

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With Microsoft firing 18000 employees, 12500 of which are ex-Nokians, this was the final nail in the coffin of Nokia, a company that once used to manufacture 12 phones per second. I seriously doubt that these reductions have any thing to do with being more agile or setting the focus. I think that this was all a part of a plan.

A plan that was so well executed that most of the world thought that all the employee reductions, closing of sites, killing of technologies etc. were merely a part of trying to keep the shareholders happy, trying to keep the profit and trying to build an ecosystem. In all this hussle-fussle, so many things were lost! And what the f*** is a burning platform? To this date, I still don’t understand the need of a burning platform memo!

Look at all of it in this way: Nokia was growing fast,  very fast with its revolutionary work for Linux based mobile phones and given the outcomes with Nokia N9, upcoming MeeGo and Qt based ecosystem, its partnership with Intel, and a massive portfolio of Symbian phones (including Feature and Smart phones) it was getting tough for other competitors like Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft (who was yet to create a mark in the market with its meagre 1% share). People say, everything is fair in love and war and in this war of winning the market shares, there was quite a bit of money laundering and foul play orchestrated by Nokia’s rivals/competitors to bring down their biggest competitor. It not only meant to just kill all ambitions of Nokia as a mobile phone company, but to also disrupt exclusive talent that Nokia had retained since long. All of this was smartly lead by Mr. Stephen Elop.

As of today, I have officially given a middle name to Stephen Elop and that is: Mr. Stephen Fucking Elop. Look at this man’s credentials, aren’t they <sarcasm>IMPRESSIVE</sarcasm>!

<me>coming up with another post, Nokia Plan Z very soon!</me>