Linux vs Mac

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Or well, let me frame the title of this post by not being politically correct!

“Development on Mac sucks”

Especially for newbies on Mac, yes, that is very true. First of all, the package management for mac sucks big time. I really couldn’t find a LAMP package in App Store. WHY? Such a biased decision! Wouldn’t developers use mac? Or do people at apple assume all developers to be nerds who know ins-and-outs of using macports, brew etc? Other than that some small points that make me feel pissed.

  1. “readlink -f” (illegal option, #fail)
  2. “echo -n Hello”
  3. I dont know how many keyboard shortcuts I need to remember
  4. Amazing that they forgot some really important keys like [, ], {, }
  5. Some things really not uniform, like usage of cmd and ctrl keys. They have moved many of ctrl features to cmd key but left some of them with ctrl. WHY?
[SORRY, hit publish too early.. wanted to save it.. need to rush to office, so will update this post little later]