the passport story

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Another interesting thing, I wanted to share with all. It might be my foolishness or my carelessness. Nevertheless, it still was interesting.

Long story cut short:

  • In May 2013, I had to travel from Berlin to Tampere and back.
  • It was an unplanned and sudden journey
  • I decided to fly on Friday and came to office for a half day at work
  • I booked tickets when I was in office and then, started at 12 to catch the 2’o clock flight from Tegel
  • I was possibly the last person to turn up. At the baggage counter, I decided to drop my luggage.
  • They did not ask me about any kind of identification and let me in
  • I boarded the flight
  • The moment flight moved, I recalled, where is my passport?

I had to get Nimika travel with my passport to allow me travel back (Helsinki – Berlin – Helsinki).