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Like all others, I received my Jolla phone a few days ago.

On first few hours of usage, I am amazed to see its performance and happy that Nokia N9 possibly has a worthy successor. In the coming few days, I will give this phone a full try and then post what I liked and what I did not. Although, I must confess that I have not yet started to use it as my primary phone (which is still Nokia N9) so far. Especially the social part of it.

Some of my initial thoughts about it (in about 24hrs of basic usage):

Happy to see:

  • Jolla store showing live feeds of whats happening
  • Nice calendar application. Especially like the way you show week numbers and week days
  • Time picker in Timer is quite familiar to me and I liked it.
  • Quite an intuitive date picker which takes one from Year -> Month -> Day


  • No SIP account support available
  • Forced to sync social (facebook, twitter) contacts to local phone
  • Cannot mount the SD Card to laptop / PC (or am I missing something?)
  • Cannot save camera pictures to SD Card
  • No head phones in package and if you connect the phone to another headphone, music player does not respond to button press, e.g. for changing songs.

Improvements required:

  • Add a shortcut to connectivity in home screen pulley menu. Following “Settings -> WLAN -> List of networks” to connect to WLAN is a bit painful.
  • Allow to change the unit settings in the Map application. Always seeing YARDS when I am used to METERS is very very annoying
  • Add support of mounting SD card on PC
  • Allow saving camera pictures in the SD Card
  • Would you mind adding a “Close all” button in Multitasking view (just like N9)?

Some easter eggs required:

  • Please add a “Are you missing N9?” dialog / application when someone tries to swipe from L to R on Home Screen

Points for me:

  • Play with the phone more
  • Make it my primary phone in days to come
  • Try to find out some time and possibly contribute to the Jolla ecosystem with some apps!

Any comments, please post on twitter @aseemshakuntal