Who's the winner?

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Forget what has happened in the recent past. Rewind yourself a bit. Combine a few things from the past, present and future. Look what a developer has in offering from Nokia:

  1. A world built around MeeGo, Symbian which captures around 30+ percent of market share
  2. Qt available for Android
  3. Qt available for iOS
  4. Nokia’s QT app store supporting apps also for Android and iOS
  5. Same apps portable also to desktop linux platforms
  6. Qt based UI built across Windows phone with Qt support available for Windows
  7. Qt Apps also available for Windows

One ring to rule them all! As a developer, write code and publish it to Store. Select target platforms and publish them to almost all phone markets.

An “ecosystem” dream come true!

But our the then CEO, Mr. Elop lacked this vision. His definition of ecosystem is pretty much around this 20 second clip (Elop’s idea of Ecosystem) and probably, he has not idea other than it.

Mr. Elop, what have you built? Just an “echo” system I suppose!