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Due to some negligence, I lost all the data on my wordpress blog while trying to migrate from my old server to Amazon EC2.

Right now, the original content of my blog is resurrecting from its ashes.

Just like “Phoenix”!

(and coming soon, a part 2 of this post! [update: well, hopefully, by Dec 31, 2015 or latest, by Jan 2016])

[Sep 8, 2312hrs] Update: So, finally, after a bunch of tasks**, I successfully imported all my posts from a local copy of my blog. And they are visible again. Although, I do not know why, I see one post missing!


** Tasks:

  • extracted old backup of blog from archives to “”
  • installed mysql database on my server
  • created a database for my blog
  • imported old-blog.sql
  • NO LUCK STILL, posts show only on first page and old posts return 404
  • Google, google, google
  • Finally, found mod_rewrite as the culprit
  • Enabled mod_rewrite, NO LUCK STILL
  • Updated apache’s sites-avaialble/default configuration to “AllowOverRide all”
  • Links start to work, but pictures are not shown still.. brrr
  • Manually edited all posts with uploading pictures again!

It works now! Das is gut! Sehr gut!