2013 February

Sailfish SDK

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So, I took the plunge and downloaded the Sailfish OS SDK from here. I really appreciate the unique three step install that the SDK provides and that it was good to go in a few minutes as soon as download was finished. That is the power of Qt.

Really happy to see the documentation for the Qt Components. Guess, I was looking at them not after really a long time. Good old times were refreshed in my mind.

Next steps? Over the weekend, have my first application ready for you, #Jolla.

#Respect for you, #Jolla.

Valentines Day

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Valentines day never ever meant the traditional valentines day to me. During my early schooling days or lets say, until 2000, it was more like an event for friends. We used to wish our friends good wishes for the day. Nothing related to the typical romantic day that the world celebrates today.

Later, I moved to Ranchi for my higher studies and lived with bua – phupha for two wonderful years. Here, valentines day was something special. It was phupha ji’s birthday. I always greeted him with “happy valentines day phupha ji.. and happy birthday”. Its like one of those special things you share in any relationship.

Phupha ji is a person who has inspired me in a lot of things. He left us for his heavenly abode in 2011.

We miss him a lot. I do.

Today, I and Nimika also don’t really celebrate valentines day in its traditional meaning. We rather celebrate Jan 18, the day we confessed our love for each other.

For me, feb 14 still starts with my phone alarm ringing: “phupha ji’s birthday” and it always will.

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