N9 vs Lumia

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I will start with what I would like to have in a phone that I use. In my day-to-day life, following are the apps / functionalities that I use on a regular basis:

  • Alarms
  • Email (MFE, Google, Yahoo, custom email account support)
  • Ability to configure multiple Calendars (+ to-dos, reminders)
  • Music
  • Social network (facebook, twitter)
  • LinkedIn
  • Contacts sync with online services (e.g. Ovi, Google)
  • Whatsapp
  • Browser
  • Feed reader
  • Password manager
  • Dropbox client
  • WordPress
So, both Lumia and N9 have these mentioned features / functionalities and hence make both of them a good phone to use. The real difference lies between the user experience.
Lumia is no doubt a good phone, but it does not promise me a good “user experience”. Here are some of the reasons, why:
  1. Crazy silent reboots!
  2. No time (or other indicators) on the power saving lock screen. Powering on the screen everytime I want to see time is bad. And sometimes, pressing the power button initializes a reboot.
  3. No handy way of connecting or disconnecting WiFi / Cellular connection. I hate going to settings and then doing things. Or even, installing the short-cut applications for this purpose.
  4. Internet explorer sucks. Big time.
  5. No beep profile. I would not like the phone to be in vibrate mode at some times. While at work, I would like the profile to be famous Nokia Beep.
  6. Can’t do much with an offline Lumia. (or get a real flat data plan, not like those in Germany)
  7. Can’t transfer or share files (songs / images / ringtones) over bluetooth. WAAT!!
  8. Not a good battery life. Have to charge battery almost every 8 hours.
  9. The annoying “Mobile operator” delivery reports.
  10. The applications for facebook sucks! The in-built integration with social networks is Ok but when the phone is offline, I cant really see much about what’s happening around. I have to open dedicated applications or even the people’s application to see whats happening which again triggers some data connection in background.
  11. No ability to show contacts by Nicknames! It is annoying to see my mom calling and the phone says: “Rxxhxx Vxyxx”. Does not give me the feel of having a “personal” device.
  12. No way to schedule when to sync my email accounts. I really do not want to see any office emails in the night from my exchange account. Brrr!
  13. I am forced to connect my phone to a PC to update it. No OTA update is available. Being a linux user, I had some hard time trying to  update my phone.
  14. Cant configure my custom voip accounts to make calls.
On the other hand, what I like about Lumia is a couple of UI effects that it has. The swipe gesture in inbuilt apps is good. The showing of calendar reminders on lock screen and tiles is good.
I have been using N9 for close to two years now. And I really see N9 as the clear winner in my “user experience and expectations”.
  1. No crazy reboots
  2. A good blank screen indicator
  3. Connect / disconnect from the network using the status menu
  4. The beep profile
  5. Mozilla
  6. With an offline N9, I can still see some selected updates from my friends in the feeds screen. No need to trigger a new data connection. And if I am interested to know more, I can tap on a particular update to open app and create connection if required.
  7. I can see all the updates (from social, feed reader) at one place. No need for opening a special app for them.
  8. OTA updates are available.
  9. I can select when to update / sync which email account.
  10. Support for OVI which has all of my contacts.
  11. Relatively better battery life. I charge it every morning. (or at a gap of about 12-15 hrs)
In a nutshell, Nokia N9 is an epitome of good work and passion towards making a solid phone that people will love and like to use.

Lumia 800 indeed is a good phone in its own category. But it does not stand a chance when comparing to Nokia N9. What I could add more is that if someone has been using symbian all his/her life, they might find Lumia a very good experience. But I guess, it is not the case with Nokia N9 users.

Honestly speaking, initially, I was hesitating a bit to start using Lumia. One of the major reasons being “what if it is better than N9”? But now, I am happy it isn’t.

And yes, I agree with https://twitter.com/lowyatdotnet that Nokia N9 is the most underrated smartphone ever. Read this.