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An old draft post, which I published now!

Aug 10, 2012:

People put their times and hard work to enhance or create something that they like or believe in and then a startup is born. Almost ninety percent of the successful startups work on some kind of an innovation model.

While even the big players today, like Google, Amazon, HP, Apple all started as small companies which made it big, there have been a lot of small companies that came in this market with a dream of getting it big. Some of them succeeded partially, some did not.

I was looking at some of the startups, that were really innovative and could have succeeded greatly. But then, they were acquisition-ed by other big players and eventually, killed. List of such innovation houses are huge! To start with, lets take an example of Flickr. It happened to be the best social picture sharing platform. Yahoo bought it, probably messed somewhere in deciding between “innovation” and “integration” (a good read: here).

Dec 8, 2012:

Similarly, there were other innovations around as well. Coming straight to what I want to convey in this post is that there was one another startup that was very innovative and did a lot of things in this open source world which made people follow it like a cult. Me being one of them.

Yes, I am talking about Trolltech, the makers of Qt. Like all other start-ups, it was bought over by a very big player in the market, viz. Nokia. And after a couple of years, Nokia decided to part ways with it.

I have had the privilege to work with the core qt team (at Oslo and at Brisbane) for quite sometime. While, the end of this journey has not been a “happy ending” and I never appreciate Nokia abandoning Qt, what I appreciate is that they did not kill it. Well, in a way, they did.. but the in a way they did not.

Qt still lives. Qt5 still came out. Thanks Nokia for realizing that Qt is a good piece of technology and some one should continue the innovation. Thanks for passing this on to Digia.

Digia, thanks for Qt5! And jolla, thanks for taking it forward!!