Puuttu Suomi

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puuttu suomi: missing finland

Yes, of course! Though I’ve relocated to Berlin, I do miss Finland, esp. Tampere a lot. To me, Tampere was a home, away from home. We were well settled there. And now, in Berlin, I still feel like an alien.

I heard some ladies talking in Finnish yesterday in the U-Bahn and that felt like something familiar to me. Although, I do not understand Finnish, but the words were familiar and I felt happy about it.

Since the day, I have been here, I am missing Finland in my day-to-day activities.

In comparison to Finland, some things really need a lift. For example,

  • Snow management is not as good
  • The heating system is not as affective in apartments
  • Forget about cleaner streets and walk ways now
  • The public places, like stations are really dirty (littered, broken beer bottles, papers…)
  • Not so smiley faces around. (Yes, in Finland, I have come across many people who tend to smile at others on eye contact. It never so happened here and because of that, I feel a bit odd, because I have developed that habit too.. and people might just think, who the hell was he? why was he smiling at me??)
  • Yes, there is crime too.

Sometimes, I do miss the immense amount of snow.. 😉

May be once all my stuff from Finland is here and I get an apartment, I start feeling differently! But I would still miss the calm, serene Finland. And I am looking forward to go back sometime, to complete my studies and to …