2012 August

the PILL

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Today, I took the red pill. For those who might not connect to this, I decided to be in the real world and handed over my resignation to Nokia.

This means that very soon I will be an ex-Nokian. Precisely, in another 2 weeks. My resignation is pretty well influenced by the latest reorganization happening at Nokia.

The good thing about this is that I am now allowed to work on something that I like, explore new opportunities in the area that I like. Pretty much, I can now tailor my future as per my wish.

With all great aspirations and wishes, I bid adieu to Nokia and wish myself good luck.

Mr. Elop, its kind of pity that Nokia has such a thinner innovation force now. Even worse that many people who are working under you do not really feel good about it!

Independence Day

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Today, we Indians celebrate our 65th Independence Day!

I am a very proud Indian but today, not sure what to be proud of!

  • The corruption
  • A mute prime-minister, a mocked ex-president or an italian lady?
  • Female foeticides
  • Dowry deaths
  • Political parties who only leg-pull each other, none of them really thinking of public welfare
  • A media that is good for nothing
  • Ailing Assam
  • Female molestation and no one to hear for


Or should I be proud of those few olympic medals? Probably, I might just be proud of those few Olympic medals. Stupid me! In order to change our nation, we should bring change in ourselves. I have started thinking and behaving in a “nation-positive-way” from today.


Have you?

Qt, everywhere

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Qt Everywhere, #qteverywhere!

qt, everywhere!

qt, everywhere!

 Yes, by now, the world has known already, what are Digia’s plans to do with Qt. YaY!! There is qt everywhere now! Android, iOS, Windows!! And its sad that Nokia is not using it anymore.

The moment I heard it, I was filled with joy.. the joy of seeing qt alive, the joy of witnessing qt running officially on all possible mobile platforms. But, why so late?

It reminded me of a dream Nokia saw a few years ago! “Qt Everywhere”!!

=> Dream One | Dream Two

Now that this dream is going to be true and probably, in a more bigger way, it is sad that Nokia is not a part of it. The good thing is that a few genius Nokians will be a part still. I wonder why, Nokia never thought to do something like this? If they wanted to establish a Qt ecosystem, this could have been a good strategy. I know there were some hobby projects to port Qt to Android and iOS but there was nothing official. And had there been any official support, in my opinion, this would have brought wonders to the #qtecosystem and would have brought joy to many developers.

Reminds me of my previous blog post about Nokia. This step is quite similar to what I wanted the mainstream Nokia strategy to be (read: here).

I now wonder, what happens next? Would Qt ecosystem grow as big that google be interested in it? I think when a big player like Nokia backs off.. probably, things might not be so “piece-of-cake” for Qt, but for sure, we will find new innovations continue at places like Jolla!

God bless and god speed to Qt..


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Yes, the name points to a simple application that I wrote sometime back for MeeGo (Nokia N9). I am planning to make a UI overhaul of the application and hence, the application might be down from Ovi Store (now, Nokia Store) for a while. Initially, I wrote the application using some of my own custom qml components (like, I wrote my own “About dialog” for the application) but now, I would use the native components and apis to make the look and feel similar to the native applications on Nokia N9.

Work starts, soon.. 😉