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I always wanted to setup a microblog for my website and just get rid of twitter for every update I do.. The idea is that friends and family are aware of my micro-blog and follow me there. I can post things to twitter only when I really want to..

I personally liked status.net for everything but could not configure it for my mobile client on MeeGo. I received a strange error always that the website is down. When tried using the web interface on mobile, all posts were published as private posts which was not what I wanted.

I also gave a try to sharetronix. But it is just too complex.

For now, I find myself content with a chinese blog called PageCookery. Works ok on mobile browser and has basic things available. What I also like about them is their categorization of posts.. something like: I like, I want etc..

For now, my microblog can be found here, currently hosted using pagecookery, bit I will try to change it to status.net. The status.net installation can be found here