2012 June


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We moved to a new apartment a week ago. It was quite difficult to live at the old apartment.

“Was he the one who burnt my car?”

This was a common question that used to come to my mind whenever I saw someone in my apartment. This left no mental peace at all.

I also took a loan from bank, took another car, which seemed to be required now. The day I was returning back after purchasing new car, while parking the car, I noticed that a person who lives in the apartment in front of ours, was staring very bad at us for about 30-40 seconds. I immediately felt as if he might have burnt my car and is now thinking, oh, he has another car now! Quite an irony that when I had put notices in my apartment about the incident, somebody tore them instantly. The same person was selling some potatoes last week and put a notice at the same place I did. His notice was intact for about more than a week.

Well, I no more live at that place, but I am left with a few un-answered questions.

Why did Mr. ‘HIM’ keep staring at us when we came back taking another car?

Mr. ‘HIM’ lives just in front of our house, so, he might be the first person to notice the keys, outside the apartment.

Why was there a different behavior to our notice and not to Mr. ‘HIM”s notice? Was he the one who tore my notices?

Well, I am not trying to point my fingures to Mr. ‘HIM’, but I do have some unanswered questions and tye answers to which might either prove him guilty or innocent!