Feb 11, almost a year down

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It has been a little more than a year to the ‘Elop’ucation of MeeGo and Symbian. Even though the work for these platforms have still been going out at Nokia in order to fulfill the commitment of Symbian Belle and MeeGo 1.2 update, we very well know that very soon MeeGo, Symbian will be the words of the past. They will be replaced by WP7, WP8, metro ui and what not…

Personally, my heart still goes on for MeeGo. I seriously feel that MeeGo has the capability to win the smartphones market for Nokia. Most of the people who have worked for MeeGo think the same. The sad part is that the leaders within Nokia feel that Windows is the only way to go forward.

I am a big linux fan and enthusiast, but that does not mean that I would not have liked a Windows phone by Nokia. It might have been a good thing to start with. What I think more is that MeeGo was not so immature to die soon.

It deserved a couple million or billion phones more, worldwide, every corner of the globe.

I have known a few people in India, who have seen the teaser of Nokia N9 and are ready to leave their androids, iphones, wps for that.

Today, when I write this blog from my Nokia N9, I have a mixed bag of emotions. Something that worries me the most is that because of this strategic change, many good programmers and talented people have left Nokia. I sometimes also fear if Nokia just becomes the hardware store for Microsoft?

Let us see what life brings on a year down the lane. Lets believe in the Nokia leaders for a better tomorrow!