2012 February

For the next few days

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Lot of travel on the cards.. Some work related, some personal..

Going out to Germany on Tuesday, Feb 28, be back on march 8th.. Another trip might still be possible, for either Germany or Oslo, soon, for work again. Then I also plan for kemi sometime before easter.. For the ice castle.

The good thing about work related travel is that I and Nimika both would be travelling. 🙂

Also planning to rome around Europe a bit, this summer.. Just plans right now. Will keep posting!

To keep blogging

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To keep blogging on a regular basis, I seriously need a wordpress client for my phone. This gives me independence to write a post almost anytime and I do not need a dependency on my laptop. I can write what is on my mind, anytime, anywhere.. Just need internet.

I have been using CutePress for Nokia N9 these days for blogging. A good app indeed.

Why Finland

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I read a column today in Helsinki Times by Gareth Rice, a freelancer writer, titled ‘Why am I still in Helsinki’. After having read it, I decided to give the same thing a thought, from my perspective.

Why, in all the other countries in the world, I am in Finland? Why not some other place? Why did I choose a place that is so cold in winter, that even to go out and throw some garbage in the garbage can just 5 meters away from my apartment, I have to dress as if I am going on a North Pole expedition! Why did I choose a place, where there is daylight for more than 22 hrs in summer? WHY?

Well, a simple answer is that in the first place, I did not choose Finland at all. May be it was destiny and may be some coincidence too.

Some coincidence that I liked linux, some coincidence that at my work, I was allotted project that used linux and may be just a coincidence that for this project, I had to travel to Helsinki, on Sep 1, 2007, though for a short duration.

I came back soon for a longer visit and since then, I have been liking this place.

Why Finland?

Well, here are some good reasons for me:

  1. I work here
  2. My wife works here
  3. I and my wife both study here too.
  4. I feel a sense of social security in Finland.
  5. Despite of some racist allegations lately on some political parties in Finland, I still did not encounter any thing like that and I seriously think that finns are very generous people at heart. In the start they might not mix with you easily, but then they can be really good friends.
  6. There is a mutual trust in people here, which I did not find at any places I have been until today.
  7. People are very honest, 99% of them.
  8. They are very eager to help.
  9. It is a calm country with very less crime rate.
  10. Santa claus.
  11. Nokia.
  12. Very genuine sale.

What more does one want?

Apart from all this, I also like a poem about Finland (not the exact words), remember to sing it in Nokia tune..

Hello Finland, crazy Finland, Finland is my soul.
We drink Vodka, like its coffee and we fish in holes..

Ice fishing, in holes.. :

Ice fishing, Finland

Ice fishing, Finland

image copied from here

Poem courtesy: Conan O’Brien, video about the poem: here

Feb 11, almost a year down

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It has been a little more than a year to the ‘Elop’ucation of MeeGo and Symbian. Even though the work for these platforms have still been going out at Nokia in order to fulfill the commitment of Symbian Belle and MeeGo 1.2 update, we very well know that very soon MeeGo, Symbian will be the words of the past. They will be replaced by WP7, WP8, metro ui and what not…

Personally, my heart still goes on for MeeGo. I seriously feel that MeeGo has the capability to win the smartphones market for Nokia. Most of the people who have worked for MeeGo think the same. The sad part is that the leaders within Nokia feel that Windows is the only way to go forward.

I am a big linux fan and enthusiast, but that does not mean that I would not have liked a Windows phone by Nokia. It might have been a good thing to start with. What I think more is that MeeGo was not so immature to die soon.

It deserved a couple million or billion phones more, worldwide, every corner of the globe.

I have known a few people in India, who have seen the teaser of Nokia N9 and are ready to leave their androids, iphones, wps for that.

Today, when I write this blog from my Nokia N9, I have a mixed bag of emotions. Something that worries me the most is that because of this strategic change, many good programmers and talented people have left Nokia. I sometimes also fear if Nokia just becomes the hardware store for Microsoft?

Let us see what life brings on a year down the lane. Lets believe in the Nokia leaders for a better tomorrow!