2011 December

First Day

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“Today is the first day to the rest of my life..

Yes, each day is the first day of my life but as I begin this day, I have no idea what the outcome will be.

Yes, this is the true of each day, but today, in particular is a day when the outside forces have a great influence on my life.

Yes, they do everyday, but today is the day when luck could play a major role in my life.

Yes it does everyday, but today a path forward in my life will be established, I don’t know in which direction.

Yes, each day is such day, but today is the day when important decisions will be made.

Yes, decisions are made everyday, but today I will have no control over them.

Yes, we seldom have any control over the important decisions, but today will have a great impact on the decisions I face tomorrow and I just wish, I knew how it will turn out.

Yes, I never will have this foresight but today is a scary day, as it could really pave a path to the unknown.

Yes, a path anew is paved every day but today’s outcome could result in a challenging tomorrow.

Yes, challenge is a good thing, but I have no idea how I will handle this particular one.

Yes, this is the point of this challenge, but what if things become really hard?


Yes, I will probably figure it out along the way but what if I give up?


Yes, you are right, I never would.”

Not my lines, but one of my favourite posts from The Decandent Autumn Storm

Wishing a very happy 2012 to everyone out there.. 🙂 God speed and god bless!