How perspectives change

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Perspective is a way of looking at things from a specific angle. Every person in this world has his/her own persona and perspective of looking at things. While one person might look a glass as half empty, the other might look it as half full and yet, someone might look at it as “full”, filled with half of water and half of air! It is all the perspective.

Our perspectives play a major part in influencing our day-to-day life.

Sometimes, it happens so that some even in life makes your approach towards life, change a bit. After having spent 5 wonderful years as a software engineer, my perspective towards my master’s degree program has changed a lot. Sometimes, when I am attending the class, I think, why are people so inquisitive? Or wouldn’t the teacher just give away the slides and end up the class? Things change. After all, change is the only permanent thing in this world!