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Are these just good pieces of innovation or blunders on the wheel of software engineering?

I have been associated with maemo / osso since 2006. I find it an OS with great potential. How, otherwise would Nokia be able to put products like an Internet Tablet (4 different flavours), linux based phone (N900) with its work and innovations in and around the OS?

Recently, Nokia announced N9, the MeeGo phone, called as MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. Technically, N9 is still maemo, which has API compatibility to MeeGo, which means that all the meego applications will run on Nokia N9.

Nokia N9 was supposed to hit the markets in 2010. But then, it was merged with Moblin to for MeeGo and then, most of the innovation power and resources of Nokia just plundered around settings things up around Meego. This delayed N9 for more than a year. For good, or for bad? Well, in my opinion, both. Good, because we also innovated many new things. Bad because it delayed a good product so much, that the OS it boosts to support is going to “Rest in Piece” now!

My question is, why Tizen? Everything started with osso, which was branded as maemo, then maemo to meego and now tizen! Was this really required? If we need a linux mobile platform, why not evolve meego? Or the least, evolve maemo?

So, far, I have been a part of this rat-race for 5 years. And what I understand is, that MeeGo was the worst delay that could happen to Maemo. If we see at the success graph (or say, how many devices it made), as a mobile OS, I see maemo as the clear winner. Starting with Nokia N700, N770, N800, N900 and now, N9. Yes, N9 is not “MeeGo”, it is MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, which technically, is Maemo, Maemo6, a debian based system. It has an awesome API compatibility to MeeGo apis, so developers can write apps only for MeeGo and make them run on Nokia N9 (or the current, maemo).

And now, when the success lies within Maemo, Nokia is abandoning it. Such a dumb move! A work, an innovation and a manpower, so much, going down the drain!

So, coming back to the topic, first maemo, then meego and now, tizen.. with html5.. are we not doing things similar to webOS? Which is a known failure already! So, what I see is that down the lane, in a few months, Tizen will be dumped as well. Then there will be something new.. which will have the same [sarcasm] fortune as MeeGo [/sarcasm].

IMHO, Nokia should forget MeeGo, keep maemo6, keep its innovations and keep delivering it to the open source enthusiasts. As for Windows phone, being an open source advocate, I do not have any special feelings about it! I rather pity!