A new phase of life

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So, yesterday marked a start of a new phase in our life. While we have been students earlier, a software engineer too, in this phase we would be both, a student and a software engineer. I am sure many people have been into similar situations before but I guess we (me & nimika) are a bit special.

We will study together again, after five years of studying together at IIIT, but this time, we will know each other.. While the introductions to teachers already started the last week, yesterday was the official beginning of classes.

Both of us are pursuing Masters in IT, with major in Software Systems. The study-system here is very different from what we face in India, well, it is not a forced model of studying. Any sincere student would be able to get good marks here.. 🙂

Hope we would be one of those!

The environment and mental setup was a complete change. Every one was so enthusiastic and asked so many questions and initially, I was of the opinion, hey just share the presentation after the class. Things change so much from the perspective of a working professional and a student. Hope that we can keep a track of what we do and maintain a proper balance.

I am sure things will go good, especially because “the date” classes started is special.