2011 August

A new phase of life

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So, yesterday marked a start of a new phase in our life. While we have been students earlier, a software engineer too, in this phase we would be both, a student and a software engineer. I am sure many people have been into similar situations before but I guess we (me & nimika) are a bit special.

We will study together again, after five years of studying together at IIIT, but this time, we will know each other.. While the introductions to teachers already started the last week, yesterday was the official beginning of classes.

Both of us are pursuing Masters in IT, with major in Software Systems. The study-system here is very different from what we face in India, well, it is not a forced model of studying. Any sincere student would be able to get good marks here.. 🙂

Hope we would be one of those!

The environment and mental setup was a complete change. Every one was so enthusiastic and asked so many questions and initially, I was of the opinion, hey just share the presentation after the class. Things change so much from the perspective of a working professional and a student. Hope that we can keep a track of what we do and maintain a proper balance.

I am sure things will go good, especially because “the date” classes started is special.

Supporting a better and eco-friendly nation

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Its high time for corruption in our country. Everyone from top to bottom in the government is corrupt. Whether be a clerk or an officer or a politician, baring a few, sab saale ghoos-khor hain.. everyone is corrupt! I don’t remember any month in the last 4-5 years when one scam or the other has not been found out. India is a poor country with rich politicians and rich administrative people. If only all the wealth that is resting peacefully in swiss banks could come back to India, we could have paid all our debts to world bank, help other countries that really need it, invest in making ourselves a better nation and become stronger..

In order to achieve this, I support the formation two different bodies, one which makes the comeback of this money back-home and the other which we call “Lokpal”.

I support the Lokpal bill. I think it is in favour of India and Indians. I also support Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Arun Kejriwal in their humble efforts to make a better nation. I just want one amendment.. Or rather a request, please dont burn any paper or any such thing which poses threat to environment.

Lets try to make India an eco-friendly and corruption free nation.

Nature, tourism and terror

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Why I name my post like that? Probably because of a recent event which in some sense, left a deep impact on me. I and Nimika were in Oslo on the 22nd July weekend or what I would call as Norway’s black friday!
We started from Tampere early morning on Friday, happy and content that we are going to have tryst with nature and get away from the concrete-jungle for a while. Though, this while ended in a short while! At around 4pm, half way to our next destination Geilo, papa called up asking about our well being and information about blasts.. Well, we had left sentrum quite earlier at around 1, but after that everything seemed so different! Suddenly the rainy weather was no more beautiful and all we wanted was to reach our camping area asap.. And guess what, as soon as we reached there, I heard from a few friends back in tampere and from the people nearby about utoya shootings!

Well, that was the night I couldn’t sleep at all. I just felt like if I could just drive back to tampere! Next morning, I had brief chats with the hotel staff, cops and some fellow tourists. The cops said it was fine and safe to drive until Bergen. And we followed the roads then. This time, a little less worried and enjoying the nature more. How the drive was over, I couldn’t really explain. All I could say was that the beauty was breath-taking.

On our drive back to oslo, from bergen, we crossed from the place where it was the “gateway to utoya”, we saw some people standing there, with flowers, lighted candles and tears in their eyes. We prayed for those who had died and for those who had lost their dear ones. Thanked god, that we, or any one we knew, my office colleagues in oslo, all were unharmed.

I just dont understand why people take terror/violence as a refuge to almost anything in this world.. Why dont we just try to make this world, a better place to live!