Job cuts and Nokia

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With the February 11 strategy (of using windows as the primary smartphone development platform) in place, huge job cuts were expected. Yesterday in its workforce alignment for the latest strategy, nokia did an excellent job! The officials, it seems had crushed their brainpans to make this sad decision as helping as possible for every person that is fired.

I personally appreciate this decision because after this, the situation is not that bad as it seemed earlier. They still announced a cut in the core nokia workforce by 7000 people (not at one go though) but the way and timeline it was announced seems that it will help the employees find a new job with sometime in hand and no one will have to worry about “grave things” like what do I do to pay my child’s education from the next month or how do I pay my home load or any such thing.

Good decision taken by the Nokia Leadership team.

3000 employees to Accenture

  • nokia no longer has 3k symbian people in its payroll, but working as externals and they can be asked to leave at any time when symbian is actually stopped being used. Moreover, these 3k employees do not face layoffs and can easily be accomodated either for the windows phone program or for other projects within accenture
  • nokia saves a good deal of money as it does not have to pay compensation to at least 3k employees and easily avoids the “black mark” of firing such a huge chunk of people
  • the rest 4k people will not be fired immediately but in phases until end 2012, the first phase starting end 2011
  • whoever is fired, gets to know about this well in time and nokia promises to help them find new jobs within or outside nokia. They also help you in case you plan to start something of your own!

Nokia, connecting people?