2011 April


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In my opinion, if every person’s religion is left personal to him/her, this world would be a nicer place to live. At least, people will have a million less reasons to fight each other. People and Governments can focus on specific problems like pollution, global warming, corruption, poverty etc!

One problem less is a million people happy!

Job cuts and Nokia

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With the February 11 strategy (of using windows as the primary smartphone development platform) in place, huge job cuts were expected. Yesterday in its workforce alignment for the latest strategy, nokia did an excellent job! The officials, it seems had crushed their brainpans to make this sad decision as helping as possible for every person that is fired.

I personally appreciate this decision because after this, the situation is not that bad as it seemed earlier. They still announced a cut in the core nokia workforce by 7000 people (not at one go though) but the way and timeline it was announced seems that it will help the employees find a new job with sometime in hand and no one will have to worry about “grave things” like what do I do to pay my child’s education from the next month or how do I pay my home load or any such thing.

Good decision taken by the Nokia Leadership team.

3000 employees to Accenture

  • nokia no longer has 3k symbian people in its payroll, but working as externals and they can be asked to leave at any time when symbian is actually stopped being used. Moreover, these 3k employees do not face layoffs and can easily be accomodated either for the windows phone program or for other projects within accenture
  • nokia saves a good deal of money as it does not have to pay compensation to at least 3k employees and easily avoids the “black mark” of firing such a huge chunk of people
  • the rest 4k people will not be fired immediately but in phases until end 2012, the first phase starting end 2011
  • whoever is fired, gets to know about this well in time and nokia promises to help them find new jobs within or outside nokia. They also help you in case you plan to start something of your own!

Nokia, connecting people?

Guilt free prisons

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Yesterday we went to visit the hameenlinna fort, in the heart of the Häme province of southern finland. The city stands since the viking age and the castle is supposedly build in the 13th century by the swedish. It is one of the fortified forts in finland, one another being the “soumenlinna” in helsinki.

In the fort, we visited a “Prison Museum”, which showcased the prison cells of the fort and their practices. I appreciate that everyone is entitled to some basic amenities. But that’s an irony!

Other than just being confined in one small room, the prisoners had access to everything. I was pretty amused with the fact that the prisoners, in their cells had telivisions, radio, tapes, proper electricity. Even a common sauna.

I think that being in prison was a kind of a legacy!

Isn’t it so that in a prison one is supposed to repent for what he has done, with limited resources, though not deprived of basic life support things? How would one actually face a “punishment” if he can watch telivision, listen to radio or songs on a player?

Ofcourse there were some harsh cells with only an iron bed, but that were solitary confinements meant only for prison-mates who may be beat-up the other “ladies” of the prison and did not cope up. These cells were only a temporary place of stay with a maximum stay of 7 days.

I wonder that with all the amenities available, what is the idea of a prison?

Prison Cell 01

Prison Cell 01

Prison Cell 02

Prison Cell 02


Automation – role and responsibility

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Test Automation and Continous Integration play a major role in Software Engineering. They not only help getting the valuable feedback early, but also provide us the real user experience and maturity of the software quiet early in the phase of actually releasing the product.

IMHO, a well trained human could do mistakes, but a well written script can never make any mistakes.

the saviour .. !

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How the world was saved..

Every time there has been a moment when something heroic has been done, the history has been edited by the people who have money, power and UI!

Whilst in Independence Day, when Steven (Will Smith) and David (Jeff Goldblum) enter the mother ship, all the weaponry they have is a MAC (and not a laptop). As soon as David switches on the MAC, and opens the terminal, he wants to maximize it. He hits the maximize button but the window refuses to cover the whole screen, just because it is not needed by the program! As he had always been using a smaller monitor on which the terminal used to occupy the whole screen, he is unable to concentrate and write his “death code” to nuke the mother ship. Time was a legacy to David when he was on earth, but not any more!

Suddenly, the MAC beeps, says low battery and goes to sleep mode. They try to turn it on again by connecting it to the ship’s power line and that is when they realize that they do not have the proper power connectors.

Earlier, on earth:

President of US (P): What is the weight capacity of this alien ship?
The General (G) says, two human and two cigars, Sir, plus or minus 1 or 2 kilos; while he eats the other half of his apple.

P: But then, how do we nuke the mother ship?
G: We might have to look for the lightest laptop, Sir!
P: What options do we have?
G: At this moment, when it is a matter of life and death, I guess only MacBook Air can help us, Sir!
P: Ok, you got it! Load the plane, prepare the men.. lets get going!

While, inside the mother ship..

David: This MAC is useless. I think I can connect my Windows Phone 7 to this terminal and nuke this bastard!
Steven: Are you sure about it?
David: Yes I am!

David connects his phone to the “communication terminal” and open the telnet program. They have very less time, but he finishes typing his “death code” very fast. He is used to the T9 keyboard of the phone and has been using it since ages! Happy that he finished the code well in time, he saves the file, compiles it for the “mother ship” architecture and is about to upload the binary. As soon as he hits the upload button, a dialog comes on top: “This is the evaluation version of telnet. The upload feature is available in full version. Please enter your activation keys to upload or buy now”

Phew! We are doomed now! say Steven. Damn Windows, damn Bill Gates.. all he worries about is activation keys and money..

What could they have done now!

Steven: The aliens will kill us now!
David: Hey Stevei, why not we burn our cigars, blow its smoke on each others face and die of suffocation.
Steven: I always knew that “apple” or “windows” would have never taken us anywhere.. look where we are now. We are at the end of the world and I can do nothing to save the world. I had promised little smith that I will take him for a vacation to Helsinki, where he could meet Linus! At this time of Doom, we should have trusted linux… linux would have shown us the right door out of this situation… at least, we would not end up in front of a window or a half eaten fruit!

David: Do you have any plans?
Steven: Plans? NO! Wait a minute…

And suddenly, as if Steven has had a vision, he slips his hand in his pocket and takes out a black, brick like thing.

Steven: Can you connect this guy to the mother ship?
David: Will this work? Does it have “ssh” / “telnet”? Will it ask for any activation key? Is it fully charged? How do I write code on this guy?
Steven: Just try!

They saw the next morning with their families.

And that is how Nokia N900 saved the world!

Linux is the future. Not Windows!