A new blogging client and Oslo

Posted by February 16, 2011 normal No Comments

I just now noticed a new blog client for wordpress like systems for Nokia N900, viz. WordPress for Nokia. Nice and simple UI and has a feature of password protecting the posts (which wasn’t available in the previous client I was using to blog from my phone).

I liked this feature. This new guy has a lot of new things, like, I could add location to my posts, though, I tried it once and failed.. 🙁

Meanwhile, I am in Oslo these days for some office work. This place is beautiful. The city is located around a set of mountains and has an astounding beauty!

The view from office is so beautiful, that one (read I) could just keep looking outside rather than just work! I would post pictures about it soon… Until then, here is a panoramic view captured from my N900 just outside office.

I am proud of my N900. The connectivity it gives me to reach out people is awesome..