2011 February

जीत या हार

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समस्या जीत या हार की नही है
समस्या बस जानने की है

ना हम क्रोध जानते हैं ना काम
ना भोग जानते हैं ना मोक्ष
ना अर्जन जानते हैं ना अर्पण

हम ने ना कभी प्यार किया
ना स्वयं को कभी उस काबिल बनाया

यही अगयान्न हमारी पराजय है

जानना ही जीतना है
जीतना ही जीना है
और जीना ही उसे पाना है

अंधेरे में रस्सी साँप जैसी दिखती है
कुछ भागते हैं, कुछ लड़ने की तैयारी करते हैं
जो करीब जाते हैं, वो ही सच जान पाते हैं

करना कुछ भी नही है, सिर्फ़ करीब जाना है…

A new blogging client and Oslo

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I just now noticed a new blog client for wordpress like systems for Nokia N900, viz. WordPress for Nokia. Nice and simple UI and has a feature of password protecting the posts (which wasn’t available in the previous client I was using to blog from my phone).

I liked this feature. This new guy has a lot of new things, like, I could add location to my posts, though, I tried it once and failed.. 🙁

Meanwhile, I am in Oslo these days for some office work. This place is beautiful. The city is located around a set of mountains and has an astounding beauty!

The view from office is so beautiful, that one (read I) could just keep looking outside rather than just work! I would post pictures about it soon… Until then, here is a panoramic view captured from my N900 just outside office.

I am proud of my N900. The connectivity it gives me to reach out people is awesome..

Win DOZE!!

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Until now, the whole world is aware about the new strategy of Nokia in order to “re-gain” its lost shine. Well, in my opinion, Nokia never actually lost its shine. It were others who did new things. Though, it wasn’t the case that Nokia didn’t do anything new. We were in the right path and the results were expected very soon. It was just the case that our CEO did not believe in its own employees and thought that relatively small players in the mobile market could help Nokia shine again.

A terribly wrong (perhaps influenced and pre-decided as well) decision was made. How can one decide to put out phones primarily on a so called ecosystem which was never a success until now?

Personally, I dont find this decision that would help Nokia but Microsoft. I read somewhere that: “The best thing about Stephen is that he is not emotionally attached to a platform”. Though, after the decision, I feel he was so much attached to his previous employer!

There is not going to be an ecosystem now, no open governance; rather everything closed.

If Nokia had to go this way, I guess a better approach would have been to see the likelyhood of one or two windows phone in the market and if successful, try a few more. Moving straight forward to a decision where “windows is their primary platform” does not solve the things. They might gain some profit by reducing the head count. What else? It is only Microsoft who has been benifitted by this tie-up and not Nokia. Nokia is just like a hardware store for microsoft now!

Bullshit burning platform thing!


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I just now saw a dream when I was in a meeting with my manager and other colleagues and suddenly, my manager comes to me telling Aseem, I have sent you an email, can you please check and revert back.. He came to me 4-5 times and at last shouted at me. I woke up suddenly by an unexpected behaviour and was astonished to find an email from him flashing on my n900.


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GStreamer! One thing that I love the most about gstreamer is its plugin based architecture, which works for my n900 and my linux laptop in a way I want it to be!

I got some recordings to make, I got something to decode, I got some funny thing to do… I have a set of command line options using the “gst-launch” that I can use and be happy about it.

‘gst-launch filesrc location=file.ogg ! oggdemux name=d d. ! queue ! theoradec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink d. ! queue ! vorbisdec ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! alsasink’

‘ffmpegcolorspace is one guy which takes away so much from performance!’

Making of a poet

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To understand life, spend a few days in heaven
Fly, glide, float, chase a cloud
Ride an elephant, do a spice tour
Pick strawberries, cycle romantic trails
Trek deep dark forests, embark on jungle safari
Talk to the mountain goat, loose your heart to a wild flower
Surrender to the rejuvenating touch of nature
Visit the gods

And then, you are born anew…

A hundred musicians awake your spirit
Magical torches shed light on the unknown
Warriors flashing blades of steel ward of evil
Majestic elephants stand guard
Thousands wait with baited breath
Suddenly the music reaches a psychedelic crescendo
Giant spirits in astounding forms emerge

And then, you are blessed…

Step in watercolors by god
In a million shades of green
The endless backwaters meander
Lilies bloom, lotuses smile
Children play, coir women sing
Butterflies dance, fishes plop
Birds dive, elephants bathe
The wind whispers
Paddy fields prance
Bullock carts jingle
Ducks glide, boats sail
Life flows

And then, suddenly, you are a poet…

(an old and lovable post)


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She is…

my power to challenge the impossible
my power using which i can beat the world’s best
my power to see every failure as a starting point
my power that gives space for ideas that haven’t been thought yet
my power to let my imagination fill them

she is… Nimika

pancha – tatva

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Panchatatva, the necessary elements for life, sky, air, water, fire and earth! While each of these have their own important role in our ecosystem, none is actually “complete” without the other.

Was just wondering what are the five elements that could put nokia far above its close competetors, esp apple and android (google)?