Meaningful blogging

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Blog, a short word which represents web-log, originated as a concept and in action as early as 1997 when the internet penetration wasn’t so deep in most parts of the world. Then and now, things have changed drastically! Today, almost everyone who has an opinion, has a blog.

Blogging is all about sharing something meaningful with the world. Some ideas, that are worth spreading. People also maintain it as a tool to keep friends and family updated. Some share their experiences about this “ride” called life. In a nutshell, it is just a set of emotions, that flow not through you pen, but through your keyboard and it is as powerful as the pen. The only difference being that in this date today, perhaps a blog is read more than a book!

We should adhere to the practice of meaningful blogging. Write things that make a positive mark on the society. That is how you will leave an everlasting impression… 🙂