2010 December


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Sydänharju, the cold haven.. The cottage where we are spending our christmas holidays… 🙂

Almost 78 kms away from the main city of tampere, 25 kms away from the nearest town, 5 kms away from the nearest village and 1.5 kms away from the nearest neighbor! Getting here in the first place was a big pain… I meant, locating this place in the midst of the forest.. Then, when we reach here, in the middle of the night the electric fuse trips down because of high usage of electricity, especially by the following appliances: AC, 3 room heaters, dishwasher, a projector, a car heater blah blah blah… And I am still loving it!

Merry and warm christmas to all of you out there..  🙂


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unleash the talent within!

unleash the talent within!

“kri80vt” started in the winters of 2003, while we at iiit-c were busy preparing for “algorhythm”; our college fest..

It is a fickle of our imagination (me, ashish, ujjwal, akhil) and I would like to bring it to reality sometime…


What will I need?

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A writer does it with a pen, a painter with a brush
A photographer simply shuts his right eye…
A player does it with his spirits, a teacher with his knowledge
A mother does it with her care, a father with his understanding

Mechanic uses his skill
Sachin uses his bat
Anand uses his brain
An Engineer uses his plan.

Newton needed an apple, Archimedes needed a bath

What will i need?

[an old poem, re-published]

Winter sports

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We had lot of fun this saturday, and in all this fun, forgot a very important thing, my sister’s first anniversary.

#NOTE2SELF: don’t forget it in future!

Meaningful blogging

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Blog, a short word which represents web-log, originated as a concept and in action as early as 1997 when the internet penetration wasn’t so deep in most parts of the world. Then and now, things have changed drastically! Today, almost everyone who has an opinion, has a blog.

Blogging is all about sharing something meaningful with the world. Some ideas, that are worth spreading. People also maintain it as a tool to keep friends and family updated. Some share their experiences about this “ride” called life. In a nutshell, it is just a set of emotions, that flow not through you pen, but through your keyboard and it is as powerful as the pen. The only difference being that in this date today, perhaps a blog is read more than a book!

We should adhere to the practice of meaningful blogging. Write things that make a positive mark on the society. That is how you will leave an everlasting impression… 🙂


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Finally, the transitions for WRT to the new team in bangalore has almost come to an end. Already moved to a new place in office with a new team! Let us see what this qml has in store for us. One thing is for sure that creating UI with qml is pretty easy and I am sure that qml or qt-quick has in store many new things than just a fancy UI.


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I have gained some extra weight in the last one year.. Its time to shed some extra flab now! 😉

My this “excercise” reminds me of a wonderful quote: “Aim for the stars! At the end you might not get one, but you wont be left with a handful of mud either!


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It is just the first of december and the temperature has already gone as low as -20° C. It wasn’t such last year. I remember of it on 3rd dec, 2009, when i and nimika where going to india for my sister’s marriage, it was just -5 or so in helsinki.

Freezing cold in Tampere

Freezing cold in Tampere