New things

Posted by October 31, 2010 normal No Comments

Lately, had been busy with so many things! Finding a new house, driving classes, lot of work at office, blah blah blah!

  1. Found a new house, shifted!
  2. Gave the driving exam, passed!
  3. Work hassle at office, still the same!

Last few days changed a lot of things! I have a new address now! From today, the day light saving changes come into effect! It hasn’t been much of snow till now in tampere, though, its already a start of november. Nokia has planned to cut-off 1800 jobs world wide, though most of the employees in nokia devices are safe. Webruntime is an old thing now… Moving towards qt + qml or lets say qt-quick now!

Change is inevitable! It is the only constant thing in this world. Hope the coming few days are happier and hassle free so that people can have a “Merry Christmas”