The marshmellow challenge

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Fun and design experience!! The marshmellow challenge is all about your intutive design and ability to work in collaboration. The task is so simple that everybody things they’d do it in a flash. But then as you start it, it starts getting difficult.

All the fun lies between how you are supposed to use 20 spaghetties, a yard of string and cello-tape to build the tallest free standing structure with a marshmellow on top.

The biggest challenge is that you cannot eat the marshmellow. 😉

Surprisingly, the statistical analysis of the challenge says that the kids are best at it. That’s because they always keep in mind that they have to keep the marshmellow at the top. And thus they keep on prototyping the design. Usually, people tend to create tall structures and then at the last, put the marshmellow on top, which usually is a failure.

Prototyping is very important! In software engineering as well.

Last friday, we had our team day. Though, it was the first time I came to know about the marshmellow challenge, our team won and it was because we stick to the basic goal of putting the marshmellow on top.

it is good to think as a child..

it is good to think as a child..