N900 launched in India

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Finally, after a long wait, N900 was launched in India. Priced more than the usual smartphones available in the market, but I guess it is worth it!

Where would you find a phone, where you can watch HD movies, record them as well, be connected to the world wide web, be in sync with your email, twitter, facebook, play games, navigate to places, write blogs, browse the internet just like you do on a pc, no mobile version of websites opening, multi tasking and what not!!

I have been using N900 for more than a year now and I feel it is far better than many or rather all phones in the market!

At one time, I can see videos on youtube, be online and chat with friends on facebook, yahoo, google, make calls, send smses, check email, upload pictures to social networking sites, listen to music and if I want, I could even connect to the office VPN…

I remember once when I was actually connected to a remote server in office using ssh and actually compiled some stuff..

Nokia, connecting people truly!!

Just an example of multitasking on N900…

Real multi tasking!

Real multi tasking!