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As a student, when I was in Holy Cross, I never managed to get to the bottom of things in my science curriculum. As soon as I joined DPS, “Darbhanga Public School”, my first exam was a terrible failure. The reason being, in Holy Cross, I was used to knowing answers to the questions which were given only at the last of an exercise/chapter. In DPS, the trend was completely different.

There were no “house-wife-teachers” like in HC, though I must say that there were a few really good teachers in HC. There used to be no “line-by-line” reading of chapters, but lectures. Students used to copy down whatever they grasped from them and then, make their own notes on the basis of understanding.

Initially, this pattern of study was not what I was used to. I was used to something which was very near to “spoon-feeding” and so, I failed in getting proper concepts. Gradually, over a period of one year and some realization from my bad result, I started to work hard and started grasping things and understanding them.

And then, finally, there was a time, when I could understand the things that were being talked about in class by teachers. Thanks to teachers like “MKM Sir”, “BM Sir”, “BKJ Sir”, that my concepts in science and maths improved and I started liking and following them. Though, this did not make much difference in my result, but still, now I was a better student because instead of just learning the things, I now tried to get to the bottom of things. Questions like, why? how? etc..

I remember, when for the first time, I followed the laws of motion, theory of relativity and other similar stuff, I was so fascinated, that I started scribbling in my diary about equations. Stupid me, somehow, I tried to relate 1mt on earth with 1mt on moon and then, using some equations, came to a relation between the “time on earth” and “time on moon”.

Time flies by. I am no more the physicist I wanted to be. Instead, I am a computer engineer.

It was DPS, which shaped my future.

On way to Pori

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While we almost lost our way to pori, thanks to some local people who helped us getting out of the situation.

I, Nimi, Vaibhav, his wife Sheetal, their twin sons, Prateek and his wife Swati are on our way to yyteri beach.. Near pori, finland.. More details soon.. 😉

on way to pori

on way to pori

Our first anniversary

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We never forget the first things in life…

Like, the first school, first friend, first toy-gun, first night-out with friends…

Like, “first anniversary”!! 🙂

Yes, I and Nimika celebrated our first anniversary yesterday, may 8th, 2010. It has been a year and yet it feels like it happened just yesterday!

This wonderful journey has been so loving, caring and enchanting. I really dint feel how an year crossed by!

A journey, so loving!

A journey, so loving!


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Samosa, I love them so much!

Samosa, I love them so much!

And in turn, also checking the image upload feature for MaStory, a blog client for Nokia N900


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This poem, I wrote over so many months, long back, sometime in 2001/2002. It has been my all time personal favorite!

A writer does it with a pen, a painter does it with a brush
A photographer simply shuts his right eye..
A player does it with his spirits, a teacher does it with his knowledge
A mother does it with her care, a father uses his understanding

A mechanic uses his skill
Sachin uses his bat, Anand uses his brain
An Engineer uses his plan.

Newton needed an apple, Archimedes needed a bath

What will i need?

Last year, I bought a domain name for myself and decided to maintain it with my blogs / updates. After much thinking, analyzing and lot of other stressful stuff, I finally liked the wordpress blog and installed it on my website.

Now, I promise to keep this place updated!

Today, I was going through my old blog [http://aseemshakuntal.blogspot.com] and was reading it. Just writing down here, some of the posts I really liked there.

The above posts are in the chronological order of appearance on my blog.

Another post, that I like a lot is this:

“Today is the first day to the rest of my life..
Yes, each day is the first day of my life but as I begin this day, I have no idea what the outcome will be.

Yes, this is the true of each day, but today, in particular is a day when the outside forces have a great influence on my life.

Yes, they do everyday, but today is the day when luck could play a major role in my life.

Yes it does everyday, but today a path forward in my life will be established, I don’t know in which direction.

Yes, each day is such day, but today is the day when important decisions will be made.

Yes, decisions are made everyday, but today I will have no control over them.

Yes, we seldom have any control over the important decisions, but today will have a great impact on the decisions I face tomorrow and I just wish, I knew how it will turn out.

Yes, I never will have this foresight but today is a scary day, as it could really pave a path to the unknown.

Yes, a path anew is paved every day but today’s outcome could result in a challenging tomorrow.

Yes, challenge is a good thing, but I have no idea how I will handle this particular one.

Yes, this is the point of this challenge, but what if things become really hard?

Yes, I will probably figure it out along the way but what if I give up?

Yes, you are right, perhaps I never would.”

My favourite post from http://eternally29.blogspot.com; THE DECADENT AUTUMN STORM

I think, that it is enough for today… 🙂

lets ping back soon!